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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Born pretty store review + my new year's eve mani

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you for being around this year, for all the views and appreciation I got from you. 2013 was my first year in the nail art world, I barely started this in march as a complete noob and I came so far already. Also thank you for all the support. Without it I couldn't have come so far.

It's my birthday in 4 days so I take this manicure as a a self glitzy birthday present as well as a stylish way to start 2014 tomorrow.

Here's the product I used to create this manicure.

I used nr3, the yellow oval ones. They come in packs of 5. After I got to use them for this design here's a list of pros and cons for them:

  • 7 styles and colors to use from
  • affordable, right now they're 99 cents
  • they imitate a semi precious stone perfectly
  • the flatback has perfect adherence to the surface of the nail, even over shinny polish
  • topcoat is just fine to stick it on, i didn't have to use any glue for it
  • each cabochon is slightly different in tone and details
  • you can do a LOT of things with these. You can use your imagination and turn them into jewels like I prefered to do for this design
  • there's a little transparency to them and they will show a little from base color under them. That's the reason why my stones appear darker , because the color under them is black.
  • if you put topcoat over them they might become unusable, as they are not made out of metal or, of course, real stone. If you try a design like mine, go around it with topcoat to seal the beads and rhinestones.

Here's the polish and material list and links for everything used for this design:

For a 10% discount on your purchase you can use my code DNLW10 or the official code GPL91.

This design is also my entry for the born pretty store new year contest. If there's a voting phase I will let you know. Thank you for all the support.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Born pretty store product review + new year's eve design

Hello and happy holidays everyone!

I received this pretty gift from yesterday in the mail and I was extemely happy that I could share it with you. I also have an elegant design using these cute beads, suitable for new years eve, in black and gold with some colorful confetti accent.

You can find these steel beads and the here 

Don't forget that right now born pretty store has a big new years sale. Grab anything you have on your wish list before it ends!

  • the colors are extremely vivid
  • you have a wide variety to chose from
  • the shine is beautiful
  • it doesnt dull under top coat
  • all the beads are at the same size compared to generic ebay steel beads
  • the ammount of product in the jar is double compared to the generic ebay ones

  • i really only have 1 that might not bother the others. The static in the jar builds up so fast that when you open the lid they jump out like crickets. You have to be really careful on it so they won't jump in your eye.
Here's a picture of the generic ebay steel beads (left) compared to the born pretty store beads (right). They were supposed to be same ammount of product and same color (gold). You can see for yourselves, no comment needed.

Here's the design I made using these beautiful beads

The product and material list::

For products linked from you can get a 10% site wide discount using code DNLW10 at checkout.

Hoped you enjoyed it. Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy diva christmas nails with bling and bows

A design in christmas colors, very easy to make. The bling nails only took about 5 minutes each. I have no idea how many 2mm rhinestones I put on each nail, but I just got myself a pack of about 15.000 or 20.000 (no joke) pieces for few dollars. I'll put the link on in the list:

Polishes used:

  • Brodway nails -stripped off (ring fingers)
  • NYC- high line green (index fingers)
  • NYC- big apple red creme (all the rest)
  • WNW megalast- on the 101
  • WNW megalast- field of greens
  • WNW wild shine- hallucination
  • Topcoat from broadway nails
On items from born pretty store, you can use code DNLW10 for a 10% site wide discount off items not found in promotion. Shipping is free for most countries, for some countries 3$ shipping will be charged for more package security because of the holiday peak.

  • use a generous ammount of topcoat to stick the rhinestones to your nails. too much topcoat, however, will get bulky between the stones and won't look good
  • avoid using much topcoat over them, it will look horrible
  • i used a very thin layer of glitter topcoat over the rhinestones to add some more sparkle
  • use little glue to stick the bow on so you can take it off and reuse it
  • avoid adding topcoat over the bow, it will ruin it

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Snowman holiday nail art design

I've been away for a while, not in my nature not to post anything on my blog for 2 weeks. But i finally came up with this holiday themed nail design and a cute little snow man for my accent nail. I used candy cane main colors for all my finger nails except my ring finger nails. Here's the polishes and materials used, some are clickable so you can see where I got them from.

On items from born pretty store, you can use code DNLW10 for a 10% site wide discount off items not found in promotion. Shipping is free for most countries, for some countries 3$ shipping will be charged for more package security because of the holiday peak.


  • for more precision when making lines make sure you have equal parts of water and  paint on the brush
  • when drawing details on the snowman keep the brush mostly dry so colors wont mix
  • always topcoat after a step if you want to be more secure
  • a mistake with the paint can be easly removed with alcohol. topcoats prevents the paint under it to be erased as well

There will be more holiday related nail art designs so stay tuned!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lady Gaga- Applause inspired nail art

Hello ladies. I had to make a nail art design related to this addictive song. The design is inspired by the makeup in Applause, by Lady Gaga. I used the same colors to get as close to the image as I could. Here's the materials used for it:

  • LA colors: shock
  • LA colors: in a flash
  • La colors: circuits
  • LA colors: energy source
  • LA colors: hysteria
  • NYC: big apple red cream
  • Pure Ice: strapless
  • WNW wild shine: hallucination
  • topcoat
  • sponge
  • size 0 brush
  • 3mm orange AB rhinestones
  • acrylic paint: dark blue, light blue, white

For the items linked from born pretty store you can use code DNLW10 for a 10% site wide discount. This doesn't apply to already discounted items found in promotion. Free shipping is available without any minimum purchase

I really enjoyed making this design. It's pretty easy.


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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Born pretty store favorite 3D item

Hello ladies. Since has a voting going on for their most popular 3D decorations, here's my vote for the one that I liked the best from their selection of 18 items.

This 3D heart decoration with dangles is the ultimate affordable luxury for any fan of deco nails. In japanese nail subculture this type of nail accessory is used in various ways in the nail salons.

A deco nail lover like me will always have something big and shinny on at least one nail in any set. And the best thing about it, is that you don't have to drill a hole through your nail! This can be glued on, set into uv gel or set into acrylic, or just be put on with topcoat.

It can be reused if you take it off with care so you won't have to run around trying to get more everytime you want to accessorize your perfect manicure.

If you prefer not to use them on your nails, you can always give your phone case a little sparkle!

You can find these beautiful decorations HERE

Get a 10% discount at checkout using the official code GPL91, only on . don't forget to check out this blog post to vote for your favorite too!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rock star design

Something really cute and not so easy to make if you don't use a stamping plate or sticker. I really like this
design, the fact that the stars didn't come out to be the best is not that important to me.

Here's the mats and tools used to create this design:

For the products linked from you can use the code DNLW10 for a 10% site wide discount and free airmail shipping on all products with no minimum purchase. Discount doesn't apply for the already discounted items on the site.

Friendly advice: don't use your good paintting brushes with nail polish. It will ruin them so easy, especially if they're made out of sable hair. If you need to use nail polish with a smaller brush than the one in the bottle, use a brush with plastic bristles or a toothpick.

The stars are all hand painted, maybe the reason why they're all different shapes, but I don't care, I like them the way they are.

Video will be added soon.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Black and white design with gold accents

This design was inspired by a set of nails I saw in the Nail Up! magazine from japan. Some of you might know they have about 10 pages with inspirational collections that are a great use for any aspiring nail artist or professionals. This particular design took a while just because of the cure time. I cured 3 minutes for each layer. Here's the material list and instructions below them:

For a 10% discount on use code DNLW10 on any product/ Shipping is free with no price limit.

I used full tips for this as usual. All tips were coated with a thin layer of clear gel for the colors to stick on better. I coated the thumb, pointer, middle and ring finger nails with white gel. Each have 2 coats to make them as opaque as possible, each cured 3 minutes. The pinky has 2 coats of black gel.

On the thumb, middle and ring finger nails I used tape to cover half the nail and coat the other half with black gel. Total of 2 thin coats on each nail cured 3 minutes. I then overlayed everything with clear uv gel to make the nail smooth.

After that the nail art part is easy.

It creates such a nice classy effect. You can use a matte topcoat or a regular one, anyway it will look great!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Heart deco nails

Deco nails are my favorite style of nail art ever. I came out with this colorful design while reading Nail Up from last month. I've used a lot of half pearls for it. Here's the material list. Click on them to see where you can get them online.


  • LA Colors "Bashful"
  • LA Colors "Bliss
  • LA Colors "Hysteria"
  • Wet N Wild Megalast "Refresh Mint"
  • NYC "High line green"
  • Spoiled by WNW "I have no reception"
  • Topcoat

For a 10% site wide discount on use code DNLW10 + free shipping on all orders, no minimum price requirement.

Might look like it takes a while to make, but I done my left hand in about 30 minutes. Using the less dominant hand took a little more.


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I will be posting a lot of random magazine scans from my favorite japanese nail art magazines, so don't miss it!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hime hello kitty nail art

Here's a very cutsie nail design i came up with after digging in my huge collection of stickers. I have this 25-30 sticker sheets with hello kitty that are originally from but they don't seem to sell them anymore or they are out of stock. Anyway I dug up some sellers on ebay that sell them for about $5 for the whole set in case you wanna get them because they're so adorable. I'll post the links for everything below.

Anyway, here'sthe material list:

  • LA colors-Bliss, for middle finger
  • LA colors- Bashful, for pinky and thumb
  • Confetti- I <3 u, for pointer and ring fingers
  • Color concept glitter topcoat
All the above can be found at dollar general, cvs, walmart or walgreens. I only found color concept polish at DG for about $3 set of 5.

For a 10% discount on use code DNLW10. Works on any item on the site + you get free shipping.

video tutorial is to be added


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween 2013 cartoony black widow design

Hello ladies. This is what I came up with for this year's halloween, after a very failed attempt to make some acrylic pumpkins on my nails..blah...(never doing that again)

This one's pretty time consuming because of the web that is a little more detailed and overlayed with glitter. Here are the materials used :

And here's a short step by step on how I painted the web if I'm too fast in the tutorial video

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Born pretty store review for the kolinsky acrylic brush + tutorial for golden flowers design

Hello ladies. I recently purchased a super pretty acrylic brush from I opted for a nr2 because it seems like the perfect size for sculpting on the nails and I never get a full acrylic mani, I prefer gel for that. You can find it at this link here >clicky clicky< $2.86 for such a pretty brush with kolinsky bristles is exceptional. They have many sizes available from the same series or you can get the whole bundle.

I'm a complete noob, so my sculpting is not good enough but I found it really easy to use. Here is a list of pros . I have no cons at all

  • The bristles are very soft and hold just the perfect amount of liquid
  • The design of the brush is very pretty it looks like it has rhinestones on it
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • The bristles are hard enough to handle pressure even on the sides so you can create the perfect 3D design
  • Low price
  • The shipping was free and it took 2 weeks. From hong kong thats fast
  • Best of all, if you're an active customer of born pretty store, you can get this wonderful brush with points
You can use the code DNLW10 for a 10% discount on everything you get on the website.

Now, on the design part. Here's all the materials I used and links on where to get them.

  • Art Deco from LA colors - gold glitter
  • Sally Hansen complete salon manicure- Golden rule
  • Confetti-  debutante
  • Acrylic powder yellow and white click 
  • Acrylic brush click
  • Steel beads click
  • Dotting tool for picking click
  • topcoat
Also, thank you for the wonderful prizes for the happy summer contest. I am absolutely delighted!!