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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My experience with Splat hair dye

Hello everyone. Today I'll share with you something not related to nail dye!!!

I was a blonde for about a year, because I always wanna change my hair color. I've had red hair before and started to miss it, so I went back to it.

I chose Splat hair color again, because is the best red I've ever used. I can't say the same about other of their colors though.

I tried blue on blonde bleached hair and it didn't come out even, also it faded after about a week or less so I gave up on it.

The color I've been using is Lucious raspberries and I used it first time at the beggining of 2012. The color lasts bright for about 6 months for me if its over bleached hair, and then starts fading to pink but still looks pretty.

Taking the hair color out my my hair was a pain though. I went blonde after having red hair and even if the color was faded to a light pink it wouldnt come out not even with bleach. It took me few weeks to take it out completely with all the color removing products I could find. But in the end I came back to it.

First time when you do it you have to bleach your hair to a light blonde if you want it to last long and be bright. The box comes with bleach and hair dye. If you have long hair like me you'll need 2 boxes. Don't let the bleach sit on for more than 40 minutes or it WILL burn your hair. If it's not light enough first time, wait a week and bleach it again.

Don't dye your hair right after you bleach it. Wait a day or few days preferably if you can bare with the blond hair for a little bit. The hair dye is pigment, it's not like the usual hair dye. If you have bleach still active in your hair , the color might not come out as it should.

Watch out, this dye will stain really bad. Use gloves to avoid skin contact. If it happens, remove it with alcohol or with lemon juice, but don't let it sit on the skin too long.

You can let the dye sit on as much as you want. The longer it sits, the brighter it will be. I let mine stay on for about 3 hours before washing it. Wash it until water turns pink or clear. I personally can't wait till it turns clear, after 30 minutes of washing it was still coming out bright pink. Use a conditioner meant for color treated hair, something that will protect your hair color. I use color vibrancy shampoo and conditioner from L'oreal and repairing dry oil from L'oreal as well after washing my hair.

I have a red towel I use when drying my hair after shower because first few washes it will stain my white towels.

After dying your hair, avoid washing it with shampoo everyday. Use only water to wash it. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner every 4-5 days, but I'm also lucky to have normal type hair. It never really gets greasy.

Hope this will help you some and if you have questions don't hesistate to ask me! <3

Here's the final result