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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Polish bottle nail art

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a great spring with no allergies!

I am addicted to glitter and bling this spring, because I love seeing the effect in the sun. I always get compliments on my nails lately.

This design features many polish bottles, which is my one true addiction. It comes in the form of a full pattern on a plate from, BP29 that you can get for $2.99.

It features everything polish, from bottles to drips. It's the perfect plate for polish hoarders like me.

The polishes I used for this design are:

  • Sally Hansen triple Shine- "Clam Up"
  • WNW Wild Shine- "Sparkle"

For my accent nails I used:
I had them set in just normal top coat. The metal studs don't really fall off my nails, no matter what I set them on. They are a little caved in underneath, which creats a little suction when you apply them and they stay still through your daily activities. I love that about them.

This was a super easy to do nail design. All that really takes time is the polish drying. The stamping took about 3 minutes because the plate is so well made I works perfect all 4 times I stamped.

I hope you like it and if you want to get any of the products that I used, you can use the code below at check out for a 10% discount and free shipping!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bling nail art!

Hello everyone!

I was a lot into bling these past few days, I don't even know how many times I changed the design on all my fingers but those 2 accent nails this week.

I had a brand new container with mixed rhinestones from that I was waitting for, to get into that super bling mood to show you.

I decided to post this design from those many I had. It was just my favorite.

The rhinestones I used were these 1.5 mixed rhinestones .

They come in a small round container. I have no idea how many are in there to be honest. I can aproximate around 300, maybe more cause the container is full to the top.

Why I was pleasantly surprised with these particular rhinestones, is because they feel like glass, not like plastic.
Most rhinestones are and feel like plastic, and have a silver coating on the bottom. I'm sure some of you had this happen to you, when the rhinestone falls off and leaves that silver coating on your nail by itself and it's a pain to take off? Well these pretty things are one piece. I've had few fall off wearing them casually but no annoying rezidue.

Is it because they feel so much like glass what makes them sparkle so much better than other rhinestones. I had some trouble taking photos of them in natural sunlight. They are absolutely adorable.

For this particular design I used:

  • Born pretty holo polish nr2
  • Sally Hansen insta dry black
  • Avon dazzlers- disco ball
  • UV top coat

I used the pink holo polish from BPS on all my nails but the accent nails, which I coated with a black polish . I then applied 2 coats of Avon's disco ball on the pink nails. With the same black polish I made a reversed french on them.

For my accent nails I used 1 big rhinestone from this wheel  and placed the small 1.5 colorful rhinestones around it randomly. I set them on UV top coat so I can move them around, and cured for 1 minute.

It's a pretty easy nail art especially good for sunny days when it has the strongest event, or for a prom. I personally love the way it came out and I wore it for quite a while, with my rhinestones stayiong on the whole time.

If you like any of the items I used from BPS you can use the code below for a 10% discount and free shipping with no minimum order.