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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Born Lolita tutorial

I HAD to make a design with this new nail polish i got, because I absolutely love the color, so I came up with the lolita design.

You can find the review for the new polish here

Materials used:

  • Born pretty holo polish #2
  • Acrylic paint: black, white, light pink
  • Painting brushes
  • NYC tribeca silver
  • 5mm light pink rhinestones
  • 1.5mm clear rhinestones
  • Hot pink star rhinestones
  • Clear holographic 1mm glitter flakes

I polished all the nails with my new favorite polish that you can get here
  Holo Polish

The next step I did was to paint a semi circular shape on the bottom of every nail using black acrylic paint.

Outline the black shape with a silver polish.

Use top coat before going to the next step in case you make any mistake.

Use light pink acrylic paint to make some dots with a brush or dotting tool. I used a brush because my dotting tools are not big enough.

Paint some smaller dots with white paint.

Using a toothpick, brush, or orange stick make some very small dots in the empty spaces without clustering them.

Paint a layer of topcoat and add a big pink/purple rhinestone on the silver line and 2 small clear rhinestones on each side of it.

For the middle nails I painted different sized white dots on half of the nail.

After adding some topcoat I applied random transparent holographic glitter between the dots. It's not so visible in my picture but it enhances the polish effect.

I added the same rhinestones like on the other nails and some extra star rhinestones between the white dots.

Seal everything in topcoat and apply cuticle oil.

This is a super easy to make design and pretty fast. It also has a great effect.

My step by step pictures are a little messy but i fixed everything on the way for an overall nice result.

If you use my designs and post it anywhere please mention DeeDee Livesay inspired. Id appreciate it.

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Review- Tips and tricks- new BPS holo polish

Ok, I was super excited about owning one of these absolute gorgeous nail polishes. When I finally received it and looked at the bottle I did not think the actual polish on the nails will look anything like in the pictures in the product description, but actually works!

After getting to use it in an actual design I can rate it pretty high from 1 to 5 stars compared to the big brands I'm using.

  • Value ★ It has a very small bottle, only 6ml and it can be quite pricey if you don't find it on promotion.
  • Dry time ★ it dries super fast even after 2-3 coats.
  • Pigment ★ this is supposed to be a soft pink, but even like this you can turn it into a hot pink with only 2 coats.
  • Holographic effect ★ it can't be better than this. As my picture shows, it's insane.
  • Consistency ★ it's thin, but not too thin, just good enough to keep the pigment. However, you can't really use it for stamping or painting.
  • I can't rate how long it will last on the nails because I just started using it, but I never had problems with polish chipping or peeling off because I'm always using a good top coat.


  • You can turn your nails from soft holo pink to hot holo pink with 3 thin coats. Let each coat dry completely before applying another one.
  • If you first use it under artificial low light don't be upset if the holo effect won't be visible. It's at its best in natural light.
  • You can enhance the holo effect greatly by applying a shinny top coat. The polish is made with rainbow holographic glitter particles that will shine at their fullest if you give them a kick.
  • You can create some amazing designs with this polish, without glitter being much needed. Simple designs turn sparlky under sun light.
  • This polish is best used for day outfits. It's a soft delicate color. Born pretty store has bright holo polishes for clubbers as well.
  • Because the bottle is so small, don't make an everyday use out of this little polish, even if it becomes your favorite. You'll run out of it faster than you think.
  • Shake it well before using it. The more the glitter particles are spread in it, the better the effect.
  • Apply it in thin coats. The holo effect is way better then after applying it in a thick coat.
  • The longer your nails are, the more spectacular the effect is. I tried it on my toe nails, not near as good as on my long finger nails.
  • The polish works great on artificial nails as well. I tried it on gel, acrylic, and natural nails. it works exactly the same
  • Applying gel or acrylic over the polish, even if it's trasparent, might ruin the overall effect. My advice: stick to top coat.

Here's a macro picture  of the way the polish is composed after applying it on the nail. Pretty ha?

The polish is on discount right now. Chose from various colors. To get it click on the silly heart.

Holo Polish

You can find a design with this nail polish here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Minnie Mouse inspired

Materials used:
Confetti nail polish- Pink paradise
Confetti nail polish- Heartthrob
Painting brushes
White acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
White half pearls
Oval rhinestones
Silver microbeads

This design is super easy to do if you have good painting brushes. I just got new sable hair ones and they rock. You can find the place to get them on my pinterest board. What i did to mine was cut them in my own way to fit my work style.
I used nude pink and black for the middle nails, for the first step.
I used Confetti nail polish. I just found this at CVS for 1$. Never used it before but i absolutely love it.

I then painted a french in a nude tone.

Using a #0 brush and black acrylic paint,draw a line under the french tip.

I applied a layer of top coat to seal the nail polish in case i made a mistake in the next step.
For the bows I used red acrylic paint and a #00 brush. First I painted the outline for the bow and then filled it in with color. After it completely dried, i used black paint to outline the bows and add some small details.

For the dots you can use a dotting tool but i have better accurancy with a brush. I used a really small brush for it and I painted them in a pattern.

In the last step I applied oval white rhinestones on every nail for a little blig.

The middle nails can be done the same, but i have a small obsession in making them look different always. I dont like my nails looking all the same.

For this I used a glitter polish to paint a thick line in the middle of the nail and while it was still wet I applied white half peals apart from eachother.

Between each half pearl I added silver microbeads.

I sealed everything in top coat and done!

If you use my designs and post it anywhere please mention DeeDee Livesay inspired. Id appreciate it.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Classy 3D bow nails

Materials used:

  • LA colors, Color Craze- black
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Gunmetal
  • Wet n Wild- femme fatale
  • NYC In a minute- Tribeca silver
  • Wet'n'Wild Megalast- whipped topping
  • Pale pink acrylic powder
  • Bright pink stripe glitter
  • Black 1mm rhinestones
  • Pale pink 1mm rhinestones
  • Stripping brush
  • Wet n Wild Shine-Hallucination
  • Light colored 2mm half pearls
  • Topcoat

First step: painted middle nails pink using WNW femme fatale and all the rest with a gunmetal from sally hansen.

Let them dry and left the pink ones for later. On all the others I painted a black side starting from a bottom corner and ending in the opposite top corner, like in the picture. The side you make them on doesnt matter. You can make each nail on opposites sides from eachother or like mine. Also if the line isn't straight, dont worry, the next step will fix it.
Grab a stripping brush and a silver glitter polish. I used NYC tribeca silver. Paint a medium thick diagonal line separating the black and the gunmetal.

With the same brush paint a white line next to the silver one.

Make sure you clean the brush often, before the nail polish dries and becomes clumpy. It will be impossible to make them precise. Have a cotton ball with acetone next to you, and use it after every 2 lines or more often if needed.

I applied a thin layer of topcoat and got back to the pink nails. For those I used a little jar with pink stripped glitter.

I applied a layer of topcoat on the whole nail and dipped it in the glitter, rolling it aroud to make sure the whole nail gets covered. The result will be a little fuzzy.
Use your finger to stick the glitter on the sides and then apply a thicker topcoat on the whole nail, insisting on the sides. When the topcoat is half dry, gently push on the sides and wherever the glitter looks not in place. The result will be much smoother after the topcoat  dries completely.
While that was drying I started working on the bows. I used pale pink powder and a mold for this step.

You can chose where to place the bows. I Set them close to the tip, along the painted lines.

When all of them were completely hardened, I coated them with glitter polish because they looked very plain. While the polish was wet, I set 2mm half pearls in the middle of each of them. I used white ones, light pink, light blue and green. With some topcoat on the black part of the nail, I set some 1mm light pink rhinestones, mostly 4 on each nail.
Going back to the pink nails, I applied another thin layer of topcoat and set black rhinestones on the whole nail. Dont cluster them, will look weird. Use a pattern.
Seal everything in topcoat, use cuticle oil and enjoy!

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If you use my design and post it anywhere please mention "DeeDee Livesay inspired". Thank you