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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Born Pretty Store major haul !! (picture heavy)

Hello everyone! You might be aware of the earlier post that I had about born pretty store having trouble with the shipping. Now that everything is back to normal I received most of my orders in one BIG order!

It felt like christmas! There are cosmetics, tools and nail art items that I'll be showing you today. I'll try to categorize them by type. WARNIG, there are a LOT of pictures!

If you're interested in purchasing any of the following items, you can use code DILIC10 for a 10% discount on everything on the site and free shipping without a minimum amount.

I won't be reviewing them in detail in this post. I'll be reviewing them in parts in future posts, because they all deserve their own spotlight! I'll be giving links for everything that I can, some items are not released on the website yet.

Three Items Born Pretty Cosmetic Lucky Bag Secrect Gift Packs

I got 2 of these. I love surprises so I said why not. Each of them came with 3 items. Now here's what I got from each of them.

First one came with a silver glitter eye liner that I have yet to find it on the website. I believe this item is still not released.

I also got a black pigment eyeshadow, a little shimmery, found in the 12 colors set Here

The 3rd item was a pair of false eyelashes with crystals.

The second lucky box came with a bright blue glitter eyeliner that I absolutely love, that I also couldn't find on the website yet, a lip brush and a creamy red lipstick that seems to be out of stock at the moment.

Since all these were in the luckly bags only, let's go on with the make up and make up related items.

Black & Brown Waterproof Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Makeup w/ Brush

A product that I adore. I don't leave the house without my signature cat eye makeup so eye liner for me is a must. The gel eyeliner has the perfect consistency, it's fully opaque with no shimmer. Comes in both brown and black colors and comes with 2 different shaped brushes.

It's concealer, not foundation. It's super easy to apply, very blendable, feels like air on your skin. I tried it on a bruise as soon as I got it, and the bruise dissapeared completely. Stays perfect under foundation and it's not oily on my skin.

Pair of party eyelashes as the name says. They're not for casual wear, they're comfortable to wear but very long.

I love this brush. The bristles are soft, it spreads foundation good. It's syntethic but it still works great and the price is unbeatable.

I got this to go with the gel eyeliner. Even though it came with 2 brushes I needed a precision one and this one is perfect. I'm able to do thin lines and wings no problem.

I don't know why the title of it says lip brush, I wouldnt be able to use it with lipstick. I got it to use it with eye shadow and it suits it's purpose. It's a very small sized brush, great for detail and the handle is very comfortable.

Time for some nail art items! I'll start with the stamping plates. I made multiple reviews on them and they work good. I love the stamping plates I feel like I have to change my nail design every few hours. The film on them was scratched during delivery, but the plates were completely fine, not even one scratch on them.

I also got the XL squishy stamper that works WONDERS. This is the best stamper I've owned so far, I'm very impressed.

The other nail art items I got were a pack of 12 colors round glitters and a jar of white perfectly opaque glitter. I am absolutely in love with the opaque glitter because it's really hard to find and it's in trend right now. The cheapest I could find was for about 30$/pack from japan so if you know a place where I could buy opaque circle glitter for a little less PLEASE let me know.

The rest of the items I got were gifts (thank you!!!) that came with my order + a gift from Alice that came in the same day that consisted in a make up pouch, a set of eyelashes and a brush. But I'll continue with the nail art related items that I got as gifts, with links of course.

 Peacock feather decals (could not find them anywhere if you know the link you can leave it in a comment and I'll add it)

1 sheet 3D Nail Art Sticker Bowknot Heart Grid Lace Flower Easy Fast Glitter Nail Decoration

Pink glitter stars (could not find product ID)



1Sheet 3D Nail Art Sticker Sweety Pink Bow Striped Heart Pattern

I love this thing. Nuff said

I know this was a loooooong post. So I will not make it even longer. But i wanted to put in all the products.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above products, let me know in a comment. 

If you want any of them you can use code DILIC10 for a 10% site wide discount. Free shipping of course!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out these great products.


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