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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowflake nail art for short nails

Hello ladies. Today I'll be showing you a big sheet of stickers. They're intended mostly for christmas, but I made use of only the snowflakes, because it's the middle of winter anyway and it will keep snowing.

I received these stickers from the born pretty store christmas giveaway about 2 days after christmas, so I only made use of them now. They came togheter with a set of super cute water decals. Many of them are on discount now, so if you wanna grab them to have them for next christmas you can get them fairly cheap.

Here are the links:

I have no cons for these, which is rare, I always have at least one, but these are some of the best quality nail stickers I've used.

Stickers tend to lift when applied on a layer of polish that is too thick or when being overlayed with topcoat. Topcoat makes them curl usually in the corners. Well, I had absolutely no problem with these ones. They dont breake when being pulled off the sheet and don't lift at all. I have a layer of topcoat and a layer of strenghtner over them and they're absolutely fine. Plus, they come in so many shapes and colors that I didnt know which ones to chose.

Polishes and items used:

  • Broadway nails-  Jessica
  • WNW megalast- Hit the pavement
  • WNW megalast- Telescope vision
  • NYC- Starry silver
  • WNW megalast- Whipped topping (for stamping)
  • Stamping plate (not the same one as in the video but close)
  • Stamper
  • 2mm clear rhinestones
  • Snowflake stickers
  • Topcoat

I don't know where my plate comes from, because it came in a set that my husband gave to me, but I linked one that is close to the one I used in the vide, or at least has the snowflake close to it.

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