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Monday, October 28, 2013

Heart deco nails

Deco nails are my favorite style of nail art ever. I came out with this colorful design while reading Nail Up from last month. I've used a lot of half pearls for it. Here's the material list. Click on them to see where you can get them online.


  • LA Colors "Bashful"
  • LA Colors "Bliss
  • LA Colors "Hysteria"
  • Wet N Wild Megalast "Refresh Mint"
  • NYC "High line green"
  • Spoiled by WNW "I have no reception"
  • Topcoat

For a 10% site wide discount on use code DNLW10 + free shipping on all orders, no minimum price requirement.

Might look like it takes a while to make, but I done my left hand in about 30 minutes. Using the less dominant hand took a little more.


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I will be posting a lot of random magazine scans from my favorite japanese nail art magazines, so don't miss it!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hime hello kitty nail art

Here's a very cutsie nail design i came up with after digging in my huge collection of stickers. I have this 25-30 sticker sheets with hello kitty that are originally from but they don't seem to sell them anymore or they are out of stock. Anyway I dug up some sellers on ebay that sell them for about $5 for the whole set in case you wanna get them because they're so adorable. I'll post the links for everything below.

Anyway, here'sthe material list:

  • LA colors-Bliss, for middle finger
  • LA colors- Bashful, for pinky and thumb
  • Confetti- I <3 u, for pointer and ring fingers
  • Color concept glitter topcoat
All the above can be found at dollar general, cvs, walmart or walgreens. I only found color concept polish at DG for about $3 set of 5.

For a 10% discount on use code DNLW10. Works on any item on the site + you get free shipping.

video tutorial is to be added


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween 2013 cartoony black widow design

Hello ladies. This is what I came up with for this year's halloween, after a very failed attempt to make some acrylic pumpkins on my nails..blah...(never doing that again)

This one's pretty time consuming because of the web that is a little more detailed and overlayed with glitter. Here are the materials used :

And here's a short step by step on how I painted the web if I'm too fast in the tutorial video

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Born pretty store review for the kolinsky acrylic brush + tutorial for golden flowers design

Hello ladies. I recently purchased a super pretty acrylic brush from I opted for a nr2 because it seems like the perfect size for sculpting on the nails and I never get a full acrylic mani, I prefer gel for that. You can find it at this link here >clicky clicky< $2.86 for such a pretty brush with kolinsky bristles is exceptional. They have many sizes available from the same series or you can get the whole bundle.

I'm a complete noob, so my sculpting is not good enough but I found it really easy to use. Here is a list of pros . I have no cons at all

  • The bristles are very soft and hold just the perfect amount of liquid
  • The design of the brush is very pretty it looks like it has rhinestones on it
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • The bristles are hard enough to handle pressure even on the sides so you can create the perfect 3D design
  • Low price
  • The shipping was free and it took 2 weeks. From hong kong thats fast
  • Best of all, if you're an active customer of born pretty store, you can get this wonderful brush with points
You can use the code DNLW10 for a 10% discount on everything you get on the website.

Now, on the design part. Here's all the materials I used and links on where to get them.

  • Art Deco from LA colors - gold glitter
  • Sally Hansen complete salon manicure- Golden rule
  • Confetti-  debutante
  • Acrylic powder yellow and white click 
  • Acrylic brush click
  • Steel beads click
  • Dotting tool for picking click
  • topcoat
Also, thank you for the wonderful prizes for the happy summer contest. I am absolutely delighted!!