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Monday, December 2, 2013

Snowman holiday nail art design

I've been away for a while, not in my nature not to post anything on my blog for 2 weeks. But i finally came up with this holiday themed nail design and a cute little snow man for my accent nail. I used candy cane main colors for all my finger nails except my ring finger nails. Here's the polishes and materials used, some are clickable so you can see where I got them from.

On items from born pretty store, you can use code DNLW10 for a 10% site wide discount off items not found in promotion. Shipping is free for most countries, for some countries 3$ shipping will be charged for more package security because of the holiday peak.


  • for more precision when making lines make sure you have equal parts of water and  paint on the brush
  • when drawing details on the snowman keep the brush mostly dry so colors wont mix
  • always topcoat after a step if you want to be more secure
  • a mistake with the paint can be easly removed with alcohol. topcoats prevents the paint under it to be erased as well

There will be more holiday related nail art designs so stay tuned!

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