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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's day nails

Hello everyone and happy valentine's day!

I love occasions like these to get my nails done a little festive.

I went with the classic theme of hearts. I love hearts and I love my always reliable stamping plates.

I used the reversed stamping technique for this design, because I found it a lot easier to get them on the nail where I wanted. i started with a white base and coated 2 nails with a very pretty polish I found from Broadway nails called "Juliette". Even the name is perfect for the occasion.

For the big patterns I used the plate BP-32. I emphasized the lines of the original pattern a little bit using the reversed stamping method. For the red hearts I used plate M56 that I cannot find in the store anymore to link it to you.

As stamping polish I used the little bottles set from BPS that you can find here 

Now for the bling part I used a super cute, sorta new product that put out. It has a bunch of iridescent colored rhinestones in all sort of shapes. I used the bows and the classic round rhinestones to make the little pattern under my reversed french.

You can find them >here< for $4.55 on regular price but you can get them discounted right now. They are absolutely lovely and they catch sun light like little diamonds. There are about 200 pcs in there in individual chambers on the wheel.

The rhinestones were set using just tweezers and plain top coat. I sealed the whole design in high shine top coat from Broadway nails.

I hope you like it and that you enjoy your valentine's day at the fullest with your loved one, or if you're like me, with your pets.

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