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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chevron tape roll review

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys are safe from the snow storms today. Since it snowed so much around here I went ahead and done my nails to suit the snowy nature around me. It's gorgeous, but damn cold.

Also, with my latest batch of nail art goodies I picked from I got this chevron tape roll that I was dying to try. I did something inspired by a winter sweater, with tons of glitter with a new polish I got my hands on at Walmart.

Now onto this cute sparkly roll of tape. It's pretty thick, there is a lot of tape in there. The tape itself it's layered in 3 slices set on sticker paper. What you see rolled there is actually sticker paper. You can peel individual slices of tape from it.

Since I needed 3 for each nail, I cut as much as I needed from the tape and used just like you'd use a sticker, using tweezers. The tape itself is pretty fragile , but had zero problems peeling it off my nails. It gives a lovely effect.

You can find it >here< for $2.99. Mine came in gold, but you can pick other glittery colors as well.

For my design I used a black base coat and 1 coat of a lovely polish named "RespeK" from Pure Ice. It's a dark purple with a lot of cold toned micro glitters, semi opaque.

I set on my chevron tape, like in the photo below, and using a sponge I dabbed silver glitter polish over the original colors. To get the best effect, peel the tape off right away before the polish dries. I used a sponge because that's how you get the maximum amount of saturation with glitter, even from a polish that is not very dense.

I used tiny 1.5mm rhinestones for my chevron nails and for the accent nails I used metal rings and 3mm rhinestones in the center, with some gold tear drop shaped rhinestones.

I sealed everything in high shine top coat from Broadway Nails.

I took the photos in the snow outside, I absolutely loved the effect of them. My fingers were a lil' swollen but it was well worth it!

I hope you like it and if you want to try out the tape you can use the code below for 10% discount and free shipping. Happy snow ball-ing!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Start of the year manicure

Hello everyone and Happy 2016!

As a first post of this year I thought I'd share my nails I wore on new years eve and on my birthday 3 days later. I love love loveeeeee how they came out. I wanted a lot of sparkle on my nails on new year and I think I managed to have them.

They were a little bit time consuming since I applied the glitter piece by piece and I'm a little of a newb at using tape.

The polishes I used are:

  • black polish from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
  • Pure Ice- Beware
What I did was coat all my nails with a black polish and on 2 nails from each hand I applied 2 thin coats of solid silver glitter. 

I used the tape to cover half my nail and paint a coat of the same black polish.

The time consuming part was applying the glitter. I used a marbling tool from my dotting tool set and 1mm orange hexies that you can find >here< . Yes its a huge lot of 70+ glitters of different shapes and sizes but that was 3 years ago and didn't even make a dent.

Before applying the glitter I used a 4mm super shiny rhinestones in the center of my black and silver nails and applied the glitter around them and right on the center, one by one.

I used just top coat to set everything, and surprisingly nothing is out of place still.

I used a high shine top coat from Broadway Nails to seal the design.

It was so crazy looking at the end the pictures don't do justice. They are super sparkly perfect for any new year or birthday party.

I hope you like them and I'm looking forward to share more nails I do at home in 2016. Even though I'm going to be a mom in mid May so they might get a little more rare.

Also, Happy birthday to me :3