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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Simple half flower design featuring Born Pretty holo polish nr 8

Ok this is my favorite color out of all of them and i'll probably be using it a lot. I already stacked up on polish bottles from this color so i'll have enough for a while. I didn't step step by step pictures this time, but I have the step by step video here.

for the materials here's the list and links where you can get what i'm using or similar items

on you can use the site-wide 10% off coupon DNLW10.

  • born pretty holo polish:
click here for product

  • purple acrylic paint ( any color works) mine is from art deco, the 6 pack of brights

  • topcoat - mine is from wet'n'wild and can be found at any drugstore. i got mine from dollar general

  • shimmery silver nail polish- mine is NYC i got it from walmart

  • jellry or candy rhinestones, also known as AB rhinestones
click here for product

  • nail art brushes
click here for product

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wet'n'Wild swatches part 1

This is my favorite drug store brand, cheap and extremely good quality.

All these swatches are from the megalast series.

Pictures are taken under atificial light.

Theres no topcoat over the polish.

Each swatch has 2 coats of color.

  • "Under your spell"

  • "Sea Change" - it changes green-purple depending on light. unforunatelly i couldn't catch that in a picture

  • "Tahitian Pearl"

  • "Blue Visionary"

  • "I saw a comet" - personal favorite

Have  lot more coming soon <3

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kawaii 3D Hearts Design

Materials used:

  • Confetti- Pink Paradise (nr 13)
  • Wet'n'Wild - Megalast- Whipped Topping
  • AB rhinestones 3mm- blue and light pink
  • Caviar beads- silver and pink
  • Baby blue acrylic powder
  • Wet'n'Wild megalast topcoat
  • Wet'n'Wild Shine- Kaleidoscope
You can find these nail polishes at almost any drug store. I got them from CVS.

You can get the decorations I used for a small price here:
micro beads
AB rhinestones
colored acrylic powder

Use code DNLW10 for a 10% discount on everything.

This is fairly easy to make but a little time consuming.

1. Add 2 layers of any pale nude pink polish.
2. Coat with a transparent glitter polish and paint a french.
3. Using the acrylic powder build or mold a heart and add it wherever you want on the pink side of the nail.

4. Add a blue AB rhinestone in the middle of the french line.
5. Start making an outline with silver microbeads on each side of the stone. I used a toothpink for it. Doing this while the topcoat is wet will help you glide the beads around very easy.
6. Add 1 pink rhinestone on both side of the blue one and continue adding beads around all 3 of them until you get something like this:
7. Add some pink micro beads under each side of the heart. Make the beads line curve a little.
8. Coat the hearts only with glitter topcoat so they won't look dull.
9. Seal everything in 2 layers of topcoat and add cuticle oil.

If you use my design and post it or make a better tutorial please use DeeDee Livesay inspired.

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