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Monday, March 31, 2014

Polished Monday ( Flash Pop! special)

Hello everyone!

Today I'm bringing you a little more than 1 weekly nail polish.

I have here about half of the Flash Pop! collection from LA Colors, a must have for all the crazy nail polish lovers out there. Even though multiple cosmetic companies came out with double polishes, this one has some lovely colors that caught my eyes.

They can be worn alone or togheter, or in combination with any other polish you'd prefer.

 Today I'll be showing you 6 of them, including my favorite one from the whole collection. Let's begin!

1. Mermaid

As the name suggests, this is a gorgeous minty color at one end, and a sparkly silver at the other end. The swatch consists of 2 layers of mint and 1 layer of glitter. It's a mix of tiny silver glitters and bigger round glitter.

2. Fireworks

A mix of hot pink polish and glitter in blue, purple, silver variations. It reminded me more of confetti than fireworks though. It's pretty anyway. 2 layers of pink 1 layer of glitter

3. Flashing lights

Black polish on one end, and the other end is a gorgeous mix of tiny foils. They look so pretty on the nail but it was almost impossible to catch the real thing for the swatch. The foil polish is a lot like one of the colors from the triple shine collection that Sally Hansen put out. I like this LA colors concept better. The mix alltogheter is impossible to resist. 1 layer of black 1 layer of glitter

4. High beam

Mix of simple white polish and glitter. The glitter itself is a mix of aqua fine glitter and stripes that shine in the color wheel. For this one, you'll get the best effect in the sun. 2 layers of white, 1 layer of glitter.

5.  Pop artsy 

Mix of fucsia color, a little jelly type and glitter. The glitter its gorgeous. Its a mix of multicolored stripes and foils that shine mostly in cold tones. The macro proves it. 3 layers of color 1 layer of glitter

6. Bam!

My favorite polish from the whole flash pop series. This polish got me so addicted, that whenever i don't have a design on I have to wear it. Still, I don't think the name suits it. I would have called it "salt and pepper". Its blood red at one end, and a glitter mix of perfectly opaque black and white hexies and fine dots. It's adorable! 2 layers of red, 1 layer of glitter

You can find this polishes at DG for about $2.50 each or online at for $2.99. They're absolutely lovely. I'll be getting more so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!


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Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun pastel spring design

Hey everyone!

As I said in an earlier post, I was going to get the 6 pieces pastel polishes from Kleancolor after a facebook fan suggested to try them.

They arrived today yay! and so far I'm so in love with them. I made this design using 5 out of 6 colors, and will be posting the whole collection in an upcoming "polished monday"  for you to see them clarly.

Here's what I used for this design:

Some are linked. For the items from you can use code DILIC10 for a 10% discount and free shipping.

I used the white base color because it makes the pastels so much more vibrant. My accent nail on the left hand in the video has different colored flowers. I didn't like the combination so I chose other colors of studs for the actual video.

EnjoY! Thank you for stopping by


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Monday, March 24, 2014

Polished monday!

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you my new favorite PERFECT red.

I used to be a loyal fan of NYC big apple red creme until 2 days ago when my dear  hubby brought me this gorgeous red from Broadway nails. It's called "Sexy Lilian".

I haven't seen it at the store before, I usually don't miss any shade of polish that I don't have in my collection.

Excuse the yellow bunny nail. It's there since my last design and I love that bunny so much that I didnt want to take it off. Not even for a "pro swatch" :D

The red is perfect with one coat only, applied over a hardening base coat. It's EXTREMELY shiny. It has a gel effect as you can see from the above picture. That's why I call it my perfect red.

Sorry "big apple red", but I got  a new BFF <3

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beginner east nail art

Hi everyone!

Today I'll show you a super easy, non time consuming nail design. It's beginner level, I think everyone can try it out non problem. All you need is colorful polishes and a dotting tool. I added a small bunny accent to my ring finger nail. Here's the materials and polishes:

  • WNW megalast- white topping
  • Broadway nails- Aqua
  • Broadway nails- Water proof
  • LA colors- Bashful
  • WNW- wonder yellows
  • dotting tools
  • bunny water decals
  • top coat
For the decals you can use a 10%  discount cupon code DILIC10.

You can also use any colors you want. I bet all are a lot of fun. I was wanting to do it with pastel colors, but I didn't have any, so actually now I'm looking forward to get the pastel collection from kleancolor. I heard they're lots of fun to use.

As usual, you have the step by step video above.


Thank you for stopping by.


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Monday, March 17, 2014

Polished monday

Hello everyone and welcome to another polished monday!

Today's featured polish is a gorgeous aqua color from Broadway nails.  The name says it all, its called Aquarius.

It reminds me of sea and mermaids. I've been wearing it A LOT lately.

You can find this polish at DG and cvs. Not familiar with many other places that carry it. I bought it for $1. The picture above is the result of 2 coats. It dries super fast and it's a medium thickness that glides on the nail easy.

Also he's a macro of the polish. It's slightly shimmery in blue and green tones. Its absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by and hoped you enjoyed my today's pick.


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

3D floral nail art

Cause it's spring!!!

Hello everyone!

First of all I wanna apologize for not posting lately, but my youtube had an internal server error for days!

And I don't post a nail desgin until it has a video ready. It would be useless to post them without instructions, as I don't take step by step pictures.

For this design I coated my natural nails in hard UV get and had a base coat under the 2 layers of polish. That way the acrylic will not touch my natural nail and its easy to remove with an electric file. My nails have not been extended with gel.

Here's the materials and where you can find them:

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Monday, March 10, 2014

What's happening to born pretty store???


After the promise I got from one of their representatives, the orders were indeed shipped. They also sent them togheter (about 5 orders) with a tracking number included.  The earliest order that I put up this month , was shipped and arrived in 15 days. So yes, I can say the store is mostly back to normal on their ordres right now. You can shop no problem!


I found out what really happened and why hundreds of orders are not being shipped, when I asked one of their representative for an honest reply with no excuses. I won't say now what it was, because I respect confidentiality, but the problem has been fixed, and the orders should pick up now. The store is NOT a scam, as I told you before I oredred a lot of times from them with no issues. Nobody forgot about your oders, it was just, let's call it, a "messy" siatuation. So have a little bit more patience, like me, the orders will be sent out.

Hey guys!

First of all I want you to understand this is NOT a "hate post" as some would call it.

I'm annoyed and confused and I would like to share my recent experience with you.

I've founds BPS about 2-3 years ago, can't remember exactly. I bought some stamping plates and loved it, then in 2013 I opened the blog and they supported me from the beggining. I absolutely love their products! And I never had any issues at all until the beggining of this year. The staff were and still are friendly, I always got samples for reviews, they reward us with points and giveaways, but still what about our orders?

Here's how it started and why I'm so annoyed.

On october 14th I ordered a nail laquer thinner, because some of my polishes are so in need for one. I never received it. When I went on the site to check my order the thinner was not there anymore, it wasn't even appearing on the site. I contacted customer support and I was told they'll send another one with a new order, so I used some of my points to get a matte top coat and have the thinner shipped with it.

I get my order sometime in december and guess what, there's no thinner in there, but acrylic liquid instead. I contact customer support again, send them a picture with my package and she's as dazed as I am. I'm promised a 3rd try since they still have thinners in stock, with my next order.

It was already january. Meanwhile, I got a cupon and I used it to make a new order on january 7th. I also use the rest of my points to make another order in the same day. I keep waitting and there's no parcel in my mail box. Im thinking it might be a little later so I place another order on january 15th. I get the order from january 15th on january 25th and I'm like "whats going on with my january 7th order???". Let me tell you that the order from january 7th was showing as "paid" and the order from january 15th showing as "shipped".

I contact customer support again. Meanwhile, I win a giveaway for a cupon and I put another order on February 15th. The girl from customer support says it's ok, they were going to ship my orders from january7th + my thinner with this new order. I agreed, and bought a tracking number for $3 to make sure there's no excuse this time.

The girl asks me for some days for shipping because of some backlog they have with the orders. I found that to be no problem. I could wait for few days more if I waited for so long already. So I put 2 more orders on February 25th and 27th.

It's now march 10th. None of my orders talking about here have been shipped. I contacted customer support again at the end of february, I was asked for few days again and I waited,'s march 10th!!! I don't understand . It's frustrating.

The thing is I've been participating in giveaways and stuff while this has been going on , and whenever I won, I got my prizes in 10 to 2 weeks, like the water decals I just posted on youtube.

This is not professional. I absolutely love the items from BPS, they have some of my favorite nail art products. Daisy and Cynthia have been very professional and helpful. Vivianne from customer support has been extremely helpful and replied to me as soon as possible. STILL this does not make the shipping less important!

I was thinking maybe they don't have enough people handling the shipping or customer support as I've seen many people saying they get no reply from them. If so, I'd gladly volunteer to help with that. But please, do something about shipping and checking the parcels before sending them out.

I would like to know your recent stories with the shipping, as I've had no problem with any items sent by Daisy or Cynthia, only with the ones actually ordered from the website.

Also, a lot of my orders are with cupons/fidelity points, so I get an overall big discount, I don't know if that's the reason why my orders are being left out.

Again, this is not at all a hate post, but a post from a very confused customer.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

L'oreal foundation and Wet n Wild lipstick review

Hello everyone!

Again I'll share with you something not nail art related, because I love make up as well.. Even if I don't make make-up tutorials and stuff, I love trying new products and I'm always looking to expand my make-up collection, that is not nearly as big as my nail polish one.

One of the new products I got to try is True Match super blendable foundation from L'oreal. I found it on discount at CVS for about $3 and I got to see if it's any good.

At first I didn't expect much because it's super liquidy. I thought it won't give any coverage, but I was wrong. It's actually a wonderful product. I don't buy the professional make up, I'm the drugstore type of girl, the more I save the better.

I have dry skin, I don't know how this will work for those with oily type skin. Even though my face is dry, I have a lot of acnee scars, from stress based rosacea acnee that I finally god rid of, and I also have some red splotches on my cheeks that give me a very uneven skin tone. I need a foundation that has a good coverage and not many drugstore brands gave me enough satisfaction.

I chose the C3 creamy natural shade because my skin is very fair. It doesn't keep me ghostly white  but it's not darkening my skin either so it's perfect.

When I put this on i use a little moisturizer and a L'oreal magic lumi primer. That's my favorite primer ever, it's so silky. I migt make a review for it soon. I always use powder over foundation. This one doesn't seem to require it so much because it gives a very matte finish.

I swatched it on the back of my hand where I have a quite dark scar , with a tiny drop of foundation. You need a very small ammount of product on your face because it spreads extremely easy. With a foundation brush it takes no time to spread it all over the area.


As you can see the coverage is excellent considering I didn't use concealer. Usually If i have proeminent scars or scabs on my face I'll always use concealer over it before applying the foundation.

Overall I highly recommend this foundation. The only thing I wish it was different is the opening. I wish it was a little wider so I'd be able to go in with the brush when it gets low. Like this you'll have to shake it very good before use, and turn it upside down on your finger, apply dots on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and then spread it using a foundation brush or your fingers. As I said, it spreads very easy.

The second product I just bought and loved it, is the Wet n Wild magalast lip color 902C called "bare it all". It's a nice nude lipstick with a very soft feel.

 First time I put it on it felt kind of rough and didnt quite glide on my lips. Maybe cause it was new. The second stroke glided on smootly.

 The color in the above swatch is a little darker than it appears on the lips. The color is semi matte and very silky. It doesn't cake on the lips which is surprising for such a cheap lipstick, and surprisingly while wearing it I was asked if I had a lip augmentation which made me giggle. The color didnt need to be reapplied for about 3-4 hours. Here are the places where you can find it

I didn't take a before and after for the lipstick but I took a random picture for instagram wearing it and the foundation presented above, even if it's not the best.

Hope you enjoyed today's reviews! Thank you for stopping by


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Monday, March 3, 2014

Polished monday

Hello everyone! It's monday those of you who start work or school again.

Today is another day for ..of course..POLISH! because we all love them.

And today's polish is a gorgeous chunky glitter pink-purple polish from Broadway nails and it's called "super star".

I got it few days ago from DG for no more than $1. I love their line of polishes, even if they're so cheap, they're one of my favorite brand. The pictures were taken after the "chipping test" how I like to call it, meaning about 5 days after I put it on to check the way it will look at the end.

As you can see, the polish is ok and kicking after 5 days, after I washed my 50 pound dog, and did many other stuff.

I used a base coat from KISS and black and white polishes (both from boadway nails) as base color. The polish itself it's transparent but has a lot of glitter. The reason I had both black and white nails is to show you how it looks over dark colors and light colors togheter.

The bottle looks like this 

And here's a nice macro straight from the bottle so you can see the glitter better. The glitter is a mix of purple hexies with a mix of tiny white and fucsia glitter. There are also green, blue and gold micro glitters that give a gorgeous effect on the nail.

Here are 2 more macros from the nail overlay. 1 for black and 1 for white.

The polsih is extremely easy to apply without clustering the glitters on the nail. The drying time is medium, higher compared to the other polishes I have from the same brand, maybe that's because of the high ammount of glitter. I recommend holding your nails in cold water for few minutes, because it will make your nails dry faster.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you liked it!


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