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Monday, March 31, 2014

Polished Monday ( Flash Pop! special)

Hello everyone!

Today I'm bringing you a little more than 1 weekly nail polish.

I have here about half of the Flash Pop! collection from LA Colors, a must have for all the crazy nail polish lovers out there. Even though multiple cosmetic companies came out with double polishes, this one has some lovely colors that caught my eyes.

They can be worn alone or togheter, or in combination with any other polish you'd prefer.

 Today I'll be showing you 6 of them, including my favorite one from the whole collection. Let's begin!

1. Mermaid

As the name suggests, this is a gorgeous minty color at one end, and a sparkly silver at the other end. The swatch consists of 2 layers of mint and 1 layer of glitter. It's a mix of tiny silver glitters and bigger round glitter.

2. Fireworks

A mix of hot pink polish and glitter in blue, purple, silver variations. It reminded me more of confetti than fireworks though. It's pretty anyway. 2 layers of pink 1 layer of glitter

3. Flashing lights

Black polish on one end, and the other end is a gorgeous mix of tiny foils. They look so pretty on the nail but it was almost impossible to catch the real thing for the swatch. The foil polish is a lot like one of the colors from the triple shine collection that Sally Hansen put out. I like this LA colors concept better. The mix alltogheter is impossible to resist. 1 layer of black 1 layer of glitter

4. High beam

Mix of simple white polish and glitter. The glitter itself is a mix of aqua fine glitter and stripes that shine in the color wheel. For this one, you'll get the best effect in the sun. 2 layers of white, 1 layer of glitter.

5.  Pop artsy 

Mix of fucsia color, a little jelly type and glitter. The glitter its gorgeous. Its a mix of multicolored stripes and foils that shine mostly in cold tones. The macro proves it. 3 layers of color 1 layer of glitter

6. Bam!

My favorite polish from the whole flash pop series. This polish got me so addicted, that whenever i don't have a design on I have to wear it. Still, I don't think the name suits it. I would have called it "salt and pepper". Its blood red at one end, and a glitter mix of perfectly opaque black and white hexies and fine dots. It's adorable! 2 layers of red, 1 layer of glitter

You can find this polishes at DG for about $2.50 each or online at for $2.99. They're absolutely lovely. I'll be getting more so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!


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