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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starry diva

For some reason these few months have been a complete obsession over stars, galarxy and more stars. The more colors they have or the more holographic they are the better for me. I think i bought about 5 wheels of star rhinestones and over 20 pots of starry glitter in all the colors and shapes i could find.

Anyway, i came out with this design yesterday. It's still a little raw because when i have something in mind I do it straight on my own nails. I dont use practice fingers or friends for it.

Here's what I did to them.

1. Built my nails. I have super short nails so these are gel build under uv lam4p. This takes the most time usually.

2. Apply 1-2 coats of black nail polish depending on how pigmented it is. You want the best black you can get. I used the simple black from L.A. colors on all 10 nails.

3. For my ring fingers I used 2 coats of  the new and amazing wet n wild megalast "telescopic vision" (bottom one in the picture). It give an extra kick for the starry feeling before applying the star rhinestones.

4. Take some light blue powder glitter for 8 of the fingers. Brush on some topcoat on half of the nail the way i did in the picture above, starting from the bottom corner of the nail and ending in the opposite top corner. Using a fluffly brush, add the glitter on the wet topcoat enough to create a sparkly effect without clumping it. After the topcoat dries softly brush off the excess glitter .

5. Go back to the ring fingers. Grab some starry rhinestones in different colors and after you apply a layer of topcoat start randomly adding stars on your nail. Make sure all of them are different colors for creating a nice contrast with the glitter polish under them.

6. For the next step i used light blue half pearls. Add 3 of them on each nail, on the line that defines the glitter and the black polish, like in the picture at the top.

7. Apply a layer of topcoat on all your nails. After it completely dries apply another layer to seal the desin. Use the shinniest topcoat you have. This time I chose my Sally hansen Xtreme wear topcoat.

The design itself  doesnt take very long and it goes nice with a party outfit or just casual wear. Have fun!

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If you decide to post it anywhere or make another tutorial for it please use "DeeDee Livesay inspired" in the description. Thank you!