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About Me

Hello everyone. My name is Diana  and I'm the creator and editor of Dee Nails. I started blogging and later uploading youtube videos in 2013, following the advice of some friends who are crazy about my nail art.

I only started learning nail art and gel application in the spring of 2013 as a hobby and a way to keep my ptsd in control. I don't practice as a nail tech and never went to nail school. All I know I learned myself, practicing on my own nails.

I am a romanian immigrant from 2011 and curently living in  USA and married to an amazing american metalhead :D

My styles of choice are mostly 3d designs and some hand painting over both artifical and natural nails. I get my inspiration from japanese magazines and nail art shows and competitions that I love watching. My designs come from my own head, so please if you decide you want to remake my design and upload it somewhere, do give me credit.

Most of the products I'm using in my designs are cheap but good quality. I am not a professional so there's no need for me to waste money on "pro" gels and polishes.

I am a proud affiliate of  and yes I use their products a lot. You might think I get all of them for free, but I don't. Some of them are bought by myself or my husband, some are gifts from BPS promoters, some are samples that I receive to share with you and give my honest opinions.

I am working hard to bring you guys all the designs and products that I find interesting and I thank you everyone for being around and giving me a reason to keep posting every week. I've come a long way in such a short time.