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Monday, November 4, 2013

Black and white design with gold accents

This design was inspired by a set of nails I saw in the Nail Up! magazine from japan. Some of you might know they have about 10 pages with inspirational collections that are a great use for any aspiring nail artist or professionals. This particular design took a while just because of the cure time. I cured 3 minutes for each layer. Here's the material list and instructions below them:

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I used full tips for this as usual. All tips were coated with a thin layer of clear gel for the colors to stick on better. I coated the thumb, pointer, middle and ring finger nails with white gel. Each have 2 coats to make them as opaque as possible, each cured 3 minutes. The pinky has 2 coats of black gel.

On the thumb, middle and ring finger nails I used tape to cover half the nail and coat the other half with black gel. Total of 2 thin coats on each nail cured 3 minutes. I then overlayed everything with clear uv gel to make the nail smooth.

After that the nail art part is easy.

It creates such a nice classy effect. You can use a matte topcoat or a regular one, anyway it will look great!