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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Born pretty store product review + new year's eve design

Hello and happy holidays everyone!

I received this pretty gift from yesterday in the mail and I was extemely happy that I could share it with you. I also have an elegant design using these cute beads, suitable for new years eve, in black and gold with some colorful confetti accent.

You can find these steel beads and the here 

Don't forget that right now born pretty store has a big new years sale. Grab anything you have on your wish list before it ends!

  • the colors are extremely vivid
  • you have a wide variety to chose from
  • the shine is beautiful
  • it doesnt dull under top coat
  • all the beads are at the same size compared to generic ebay steel beads
  • the ammount of product in the jar is double compared to the generic ebay ones

  • i really only have 1 that might not bother the others. The static in the jar builds up so fast that when you open the lid they jump out like crickets. You have to be really careful on it so they won't jump in your eye.
Here's a picture of the generic ebay steel beads (left) compared to the born pretty store beads (right). They were supposed to be same ammount of product and same color (gold). You can see for yourselves, no comment needed.

Here's the design I made using these beautiful beads

The product and material list::

For products linked from you can get a 10% site wide discount using code DNLW10 at checkout.

Hoped you enjoyed it. Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

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