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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Elegant black and white manicure

Hello everyone!

Today I had to share this pretty mani I wore recently. It's wedding season, and girls usually like elegant nails when going to a reception. I thought this was very appropriate themed to share for this time of the year.

I personally love black and white nail art because it strikes even without sparkles and glitters. If they're easy to make, they have a plus.

For this particular manicure I coated my nails with 2 layers of white polish from Sally Hansen.

Using plain old tape, I divided my nails in half and painted half of them black. I went oposite directions on each nail, top black on one, then bottom black on the other and so on.

I used the same black polish to stamp a pattern from plate BPL-005 . I had a review on this plate earlier this year if you want it >here<. The pattern I used was an abstract one and I used the same black color polish. Since it wasnt stamping polish it's a little rough looking for my taste it didn't come out as crisp as I normally like it.

For my accent nail I used some irridescent white half pearls from the box reviewd in my last post. You can find the box of goodies >here<.. The pearls I used were from the container with number 11. They're really pretty, pretty big I think they're 3 or 4mm I honestly didn't measure them.

On each side of the pearl I placed a 1.5mm rhinestone for just a little bit of sparkle. I used the wheel with rhinestones that I use so often that you can find >here< 

All the embelishments I set them in clear top coat and did not seal them. The pearls can be reused if you treat them carefully and don;t set them on dark colors so they dont get stained.

It's a very easy to do manicure. If you already know how to use the tape, it will take about 10-15 minutes, without the drying time. It's not "too much" but looks very classy.

I hope you like it and if you want to get any of the products I used from , you can use the code below for a 10% site wide discount with no minimum order and free shipping.