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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Easy stamping with a new plate

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to let everyone know that I opened a donation page for my family. If you want to read our story and help by spreading the word or with a donation I would be forever grateful.

Our story

Back on the topic. I received a wonderful plate with full nail designs from that I got my hands on during a seckill a while back.

Plate BPL-005 is about 12.5 on 6.5cm and features 21 full patterns. They have more styles available, but for the following nail design I used one of the floral patterns on this plate.

As a side note, Born Pretty Store released a bunch of new plates available for 99 cents until January 20th you can find them here

If you want it you can use code DALK31 for a 10% site wide discount and free shipping.


  • The plate is 5.99 not discounted which is not bad for 21 designs in one shot. BPS has many discount days so you can get it even half the price.
  • The images are extremelly crisp. I don't have any special stamping polish and have to use thickened polish to stamp but the images come out clear and detailed.
  • It has a pink plastic back that goes around the edges. If you have many stamping plates you know many of them are razor sharp and easy to cut with. This one is completely safe.
  • I would have loved if the plate was a little bigger so it could handle bigger patterns.  
  • This plate is not made for long nails. My nails are medium and pretty narrow, but my thumb nails couldn't be covered completely. The patterns are a little short even for medium lenght nails.

This particular design was super easy to make. The polishes I used are:
  • Sally Hansen Insta dry- Black to black
  • Pure Ice - don't you wish.
I used black as base color and 1 layer of pure ice. After they completely dry I stamped one of the floral patterns on all nails and coated with another layer of pure ice.

I added 2mm rhinestones from BPS in the middle of the flowers and sealed with top coat.

I wouldn't call it a 5 minutes manicure because of the waitting time but is overall newbie friendly.

The stamper I used is the XL squishy stamper from BPS and the polish I used for stamping is Wet'n'Wild megalast "whipped topping".

These days I also received a necklace that I'm crazyyyyyyy about. I will have to review it later togheter with a lot of jewelry that I odered. You can find this necklace here in a lot of variations, but I promise you it's amazing.

Thank you for stopping by!

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