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Friday, June 12, 2015

Purple and gold lace nail art

Hello everyone!

Wish everyone a great coming weekend. What's better than start the weekend than a glam manicure.

I received this pretty box of goodies. Took me some time to decide on what I want to use first from the box and I'll definately have to post more manis with everything in there.

The box is from . You can find it >here< for $7.73 normal price but right now it's discounted.

It has 12 compartiments all with different nail art decorations. The ammount varies depending on the size of the decorations. There are hoops, crystals, beads, marble looking decorations, studs. they're all very pretty.

The ones I decided to use today are the ones from compartiment 10, that contains 5-6 pieces of round multifaceted rhinestones. They're about 4mm diameter and super sparkly.

For today's manicure I opted for a mix of bling and lace, using a base of purple glitter a shimmery gold polish for my accent nails. The polishes I used are:

Even though The gold polish I used is actually for stamping, I loved the way it became opaque in just one coat so I used that instead of a glitter gold polish.

I coated my nails with one layer of Kleancolor pastel purple to give more opacity to the glitter. I then painted 1 layer of purple glitter by Spoiled. The polish is gorgeous with gold reflexes that match the gold accent nail so pretty.

I stamped all my nails but my accent nails, with a floral lace pattern from BP-02 that you can find >here< for $2.99.

On my accent nails I stampped another pattern from the same plate, in the center of the nail.

The big crystals from the box were placed on the middle of the lace pattern on the accent nails and I added 1.5mm rhinestones that you can find >here<. I set all of them in regular top coat.

Overall this manicure is super easy to make. It doesn't take long at all, especially if you already have some experience with stamping. It took me around 2 minutes to stamp all my nails, and few more minutes to set the rhinestones.

It's a very effective nail art  in royal colors. I absolutely love it. The big rhinestones can be reused as long as you don't put any top coat over it. The big flat surface will be enough to make it stay.

I hope you like it and if you want the box of goodies or any other product I used from BPS you can use the code below for 10% discount and free shipping at check out.