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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vintage floral nail art

Hello everyone!

Took a while to get back to my little blog but I have a really cute floral design to show you. It's very summery and I made it special for an official appointment I'm going to have, that requires a little bit of class. Anyway, it's very decent, with just a little bit of bling. I can;t get out without my nails done and I never wear just polish.

For this design I used some decals from . I normally don't have my nails done with decals, except when I'm in a rush, but these fit perfectly to what I had in mind and it couldn't have looked better if I painted them on.

I used 2 different sheets for my accent nails and the rest of my nails.

I started by applying 2 coats of WNW wild shine "Yo soy" . I absolutely love this nude polish. It's currently my favorite shade of nude I own and I found it for just $0.99 at CVS.

I applied the floral decals on 8 of my nails by soaking them for half a minute and using tweezers to apply them. They glide on the nail while wet so when you have them where you want them just dab them with a piece of toilet paper or tissue so pull the water out..

You can find these decals >here< for $2.86.

I used another type of decal for my accent nails, the pretty frames that you can find >here<

I sealed all my nails with 1 thin layer of top coat and I applied some rhinestones in the picture frame for a little glitz. I used 2 different types of rhinestones that you can find >here< and >here<.

For the final step I coated all my nails with a matte top coat to give some sort of pottery effect to the nails.

I absolutely love them. They were really easy to do and I think this design fits the almond shaped nails perfectly. As a bonus, here's a photo of the struggles of bloggers with pets that I think you will enjoy :)

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