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Friday, June 20, 2014

New matte circle glitter review and design

Hello everyone!

Recently I participated in a product suggestion event held by Daisy from and I suggested they added in the store some neon matte circle glitter, cause it's really hard to find outside etsy and rakuten. To my surprise they put out this amazing product almost imediately! I was thrilled and I got my own jar now to share with you all.

I loveeeeeeee it. Words cannot describe how much I adore this product. It's so cute and easy to use. If they put out black ones too I'm never using the dotting tool ever again lol.

The glitter shows a little bit of the color under it if it's dark. It's neon over white colors. The sheets are super thin, so they curve imediately to the natural curve of your nail.

The jar is 6g and it has mixed colors of glitter of 1mm and 2mm.

Once put over top coat you won't be able to slide it around and adjust its position unless it's on UV topcoat. It sticks to it imediately.

I have no idea if it's solvent resistant and if you'd be able to use it for franken polishes, but with clear acrylic it works fine.

By the time I received this, other colors became available, so head over to their site (or click the banner on the side bar) and check them out. I'm sure they have something you'll like.

You can use code DILIC10 for 10% discount and free shipping.

Now about this design. It was super easy to do.

I used some no brand gold shimmer polish I found in my stash as base color.

 I used a black polish from LA colors Art Deco to paint the area where the glitter goes. In my video I used my non dominant hand, so sorry for the mess. If you have trouble you can always use a flat (gel) brush with acetone to clean up around the cuticles.

I put the glitter on my nails over wet top coat and then sealed it with another layer.

I used a matte top coat from BPS over the gold polish to fade the shimmer and make those vibrant colors kick.

The video is not the best, but it shows step by step what I did.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you like this glitter as much as me have fun with it!

Thank you for stopping by!


Disclaimer: The product was bought by me. Review is honest and personal.

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