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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Neutrogena Visibly even/ Healthy skin review

Hello everyone!

I waited quite a while to make this review for these 2 cleansers. I wanted to know 100% that they don't affect my skin in any way through a longer period of time. I've tested them for about 2 months, before I even decided to write a review for them.

I have part oily/part dry skin. It's a very problematic type of skin. My cheek bones and my nose, even my chin are very oily. My forehead and around my eyes I get dry skin that peels and flakes very easy. I get acnee from hell without anything significant happening to my face. I believe is stress related, but not many products help me. I've tried everything to make it go away and stay away.

My experience with Neutrogena cleansers started last year when I received a travel size sample of Visibly Bright cleanser. I loved it so much that I wanted to purchase a full size when I ran out, but couldn't find it at my local store anymore, so I decided to get the Visibly Even instead.

I read reviews on the product website page before even attempting to get it. The full size of 150ml is about 8 dollars, so I gave it a try.

I have red splotches all over my face and scars from acnee. This cleanser is actually a scrub. I had no idea at first. I'm seriously not friends with scrubs. I have the bad habit to get it in my eyes all the time. I started using it everyday, once a day, when I was showering. The results kinda amazed me. My red patches of skin started fading after few days. In about 10 days they were pretty much gone.

It came with a side effect as well. The dry skin on my face turned even drier. I was looking for something else to use with this cleanser. I didnt want an alternative since this one was making my spots go away. So I went back to the store and looked through their products and found Healthy Skin.

I have fine lines around my eyes, those stress related as well, and the smoking also doesn't help. The bottle says "anti wrinkle/ anti blemish" so I got it without even reading reviews.

I started using it togheter with Visibly Even. The consistency of this one is a white cream, almost jelly. It's a little hard to form a foam in your palms with it. I squeeze a drop of it on a  facial brush and gently massage it on the skin and around my eyes. I tend to insist with this cleanser in the areas where fine lines are more visible.

Using these 2 togheter made my acnee go away completely in about 2 weeks of everyday use once a day. I still got some scars on my forehead but they faded a lot already.

Overall Im super happy with the combination Im using right now. I probably wouldnt be able to constantly use Visibly Even by itself because of my very picky skin type, but it does what it says it will. Healthy Skin moisturisez my skin after I use Visibly Even, I think thats why this combination works so good for me.

No matter how good these work for me, as soon as I stop using them, my acnee returns with a vengeance. I tested not using them for about a week, and my acnee returned. As soon as I started using them again, my acnee started to fade.

It might not work for you or it might. After all we're all very different. But if you had other types of experience with any of these 2 cleansers or one of them, feel free to share it with me.

Thank you for stopping by!


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