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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Colorful retro polka dots design and review

Hello everyone!!!

I was dying to post on the blog but recently I've been struggling with insomnia and those of you who have it know how hard is to stay focused especially on writting or doing complicated nail designs.

Thats why I'm trying to get back in shape with some easier ones right now and what's better than polka dots?

I've got this item a while back and just now found the time to review it. It was part of my big Born Pretty Store haul that you can find here. It has a lot of products and pictures that you will like.

On to this product featured in this blog post. It has been on their site for quite a while now. You can check it out here

It's normally $4.39 for a full to the top jar. It has A LOT of product in it. I'm surprised it's not so popular yet, many people need to try it out especially if they like dots on their nails, as the process is 10 times more simple than using a dotting tool and so much accurate!

When it's not discouned you can use code DILIC10 for a 10% discount and free shipping. You will LOVE it.

The sheets of glitter are perfectly opaque. It didnt let any color show through. They are super thin so you won't have to worry about it raising at all. Mine are sealed in only one thin layer of top coat and it feels like they're painted on.

Tip:  Before starting your nail design, put your glitter on a flat surface to pick them easy. Being so thin they can stick to eachother and you won't realise it at first, until one of them sticks to the top coat. Make sure they're separated by gently spreading them with your fingers on a sheet of non white paper or other surface.

I don't know if they are solvent resistant as I didnt try to add them to any polish yet.

For this design I used a blue polish from Broadway nails called Water proof and from NYC I used High Line green. 

I started with the blue polish on every other nail and all the rest with green..

I followed with a thin layer of top coat for my glitter and using my marbling tool i picked them up and put them on the nail. You can slightly slide them in position as long as the top coat is wet. When it gets sticky you won't be able to move them anymore.

I sealed the glitter with one layer of top coat and applied one thin layer of matte surface oil from Born Pretty store on all the nails to make the whole design matte.

The bows I used on my accent nails are from a pack of 60 bows I got off ebay.  One accent nail has a green bow the other has a blue one as I tried to match the polish color on both of them. I stuck them on with a little glue.

So far I cannot stop staring at my nails! It's been a while since I done something to them except the daily care routine and this design just POPS!

This glitter truly delivers the perfect effect of polka dots.

Thank you for stopping by!


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