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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hello kitty 40 years anniversary manicure

Hello everyone!

I'm a little late with this post..but hello kitty is celebrating her anniversary the whole year, so that's fine.

This was my anniversary manicure, really fun to do and easy. I love hello kitty, even if I'm 24 , I prefer to stay a big kid.

I don't have a video for this one, I tried making one, but my camera would not catch the hearts and the holo effect in any way, so I gave up on it.

Here are the polishes and materials I used. Click the links to see where you can get them.

Paint your nails white using a good white polish, preferably one that is opaque after 1 coat so you avoid building up polsih.

Paint 2 layers of a sheer silver holographic polish

After the polish dries completely, stamp a full pattern of hearts on all nails using white french polish. I used one from wet n wild.

Draw the hello kitty bows with red acrylic paint.

Outline the bows with black acrylic paint using a fine nail art brush.

On the accent nail you can use stickers or decals with hello kitty. Mine are from BPS but I dont think they sell them anymore. Add rhinestones in the middle of the bows.

Seal with top coat or gel top coat and voila!

Enjoy your super cute nails and wish hello kitty happy birthday!!

Thank you for stopping by! xoxo


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