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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Results of my nail growing routine after 3 weeks

I had a post about a very weird way I was trying to grow my nails, they they are paper thin and don't grow at all, or if they do, they breake in a second.

You can find the post here

Well,  even if my way it's weird, this is the first time I actually managed to grow my natural nails.

This picture is from 3 weeks ago

And this one is from yesterday

Now I just have to shape them and I coated them with:

  • 1 layer of uv base coat
  • 1 layer of hard uv gel (clear)
  • 1 layer of uv topcoat
  • regular base coat
  • polish
  • regular topcoat
They don't feel bulky at all cause the layers are thin, but my nails are rock hard. I actually broke my thumb nail on my left hand 2 weeks ago, but fixed it fast with a patch of tissue and glue, buffed it so it won't be raised, and applied the above products. It doesnt look like my nail is broken, it looks just like the others.

Again, hope this helps!