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Monday, February 24, 2014

Polished monday

because it's STILL monday and my internet decided to work...

Hello ladies, as I said, every monday I'll be showing you random favorites from my rapidly growing collection of nail polishes. I'm getting close to 200 so there's no way I can show you all, so this will be the ones that I like the best and that I use the most because...we all have faves.

Today's polish is a pretty green with gold glitter from Wet n Wild, megalast collection.

It is called "Fields of green" and I applied it over a black polish. I love glitters over dark colors , but that's just a little personal obsession.

I wish the picture would represent the polish exacly like it looks but the light was not in my favor at all.

I swatched 2 layers over black and base coat, with 1 thin layer of top coat. The glitter is CHUNKY, so it will need a top coat. It has such a pretty coverage.

The mix is predominantly green, with sparks of gold and orange, perfect for parties or casual spring wear.

You can find it at  most dollar stores, walmart, cvs, target wtc, for about $2. Cheap and pretty. It never peels off my fingers, BUT I always wear base coat.

I'll be using this for a design that will be posted on wednesday here and on youtube as usual.

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