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Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to grow your nails when nature is not in your favor

Hello ladies. Today I want to share with you my experience with growing nails. Last month I started my last try of growing my nails after years and years of failures. As I said in the title of this post, this is for people that want to grow their nails even if nature didn't give them strong nails.

I have anemia, iron deficency and vitamin D and B deficency. Having a good diet never helped me, that's just the way I am. I tried absolutely everything, from medicine to injections to multivitamines, nail serums, nothing ever worked. I'm am a very slim person, I tried different types of weight gain diets, protein diets, carbs diets, nothing worked as I said, so I gave up until last month.

My nails are naturally very thin. They are so thin they bend backward, like springs. Also, they don't grow more than 1-2mm in 6 months. They are so short I have absolutely no free edge and they are transparent like glass. Even if in my last try they grew about 5mm in less than a month, they are still extremely thin, but I found the solution to keep them strong on surface.

I've always had to rely on gel and acrylic to keep them from breaking. They didn't like it so I started using full cover tips overlayd with gel and glued on my nail. That way i Could change the designs on the tips without melting them with nail polish remover, because gel protected them from desintegrating. Glue never hurt my nails.

Anyway, here are some steps I've been following in the past month to help my nails grow super fast and keep them strong. I'm not saying this is the right way of doing things, but it helped me a lot.

  • Don't cut your cuticles. I always removed my cuticles without knowing they actually help the nail grow. The cuticles irigate the base of the nail with blood and it makes them grow faster. Push them back after a shower or after moisturizing them
  • Use moisturizing cream at least once daily. Don't only apply cuticle oil, use a hand cream instead on your whole hand, massaging your fingers. I use a cheap moisturizing cream with shea butter and aloe vera. I personaly got this at dollar general in a pack of 2 bottles for about $5. Its not tested on animals so that's a plus. It might be cheap but I absolutely love it Here's how it looks like and the back with the ingridients.

  • After moisturizing your hands and nails good apply a coat of nail strenghtner. Nothing works for me except "diamond hard" or "maximum strengthhener" from KISS, a brand that can be found at almost any drugstore. I get mine at dollar general or CVS.

  • After it gets dry, apply a thin layer of brush on nail glue on the whole nail. Nail glue gets pretty hard but still flexible. Not all nail glues are the same, I like nailene the best. I use the one that dries with a tint of pink because it looks natural on the nail. You don't want to use too much glue or it will start getting opaque. Let it dry completely.

  • When the glue is dry, gently buff the nail to make the glue smooth. Use a very soft buffer, for natural nails and buff in one direction only without applying pressure because glue is really easy to smooth.
  • Apply 1-2 more coats of nail strengthener, thin coats and your nails will look as natural as they can. Because of the glue, your nails won't look shinny, they will look bare like you have nothing on them. In the above picture I have everything already applied on my nails.

After everything gets dry you can apply nail polish, designs, even rhinestones and 3D art because they are already protected and nothing should get on your natural nail. With this protective layer on, my nails are rock hard. If I take it off, they become soft again  like in the beggining, but as I said, this is for people that really can't get their nails strong.

Many others can tell you that there are ways to make your nails strong by having a healthy diet and taking multivitamines, but trust me, if you're like me, and your body is just messed up from nature, nothing will help. I tried for years and years, with doctors and without doctors, to fix these problems but nothing worked.

Hope this post can help some of you. Thank you for reading!

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