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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stamping plate QA72 review and design

Hello ladies!

Today I'll show you one of my plates. I recently got it from born pretty store (by recently I mean about a month lol) and finally had time to make a review for it.

I Love their hexagonal plates the best because the images are so big and they come crisp and detailed on the nail. The round plates are good too, but not for full cover, only ig you have small short nails. Those plates are way smaller.

Anyway, this is number QA72. It has some leaf pattern, some lace and cherubs. My stamper dissapointed me greatly when I tried this plate. It's too small!!! It won't pick the whole image. So I rushed and ordered another one. This stamper I'm using in the video is super old, I didn't get it from BPS, but from walmart when I got my first stamping set. Well, it's time to retire it.

I have absolutely no cons for this plate whatsoever. If you like it, rush to get it because right now is discount to 0.99 cents from 3$.

My new 10% discount code is DILIC10.

Oh and don't you love that new triple shine polish from sally hansen? I just got it from cvs on discount for like $3 and I'm so in love with it.

Starting next week I'll have a "Polished Monday" event every week where I'll show you polishes from my collection with swatches and all.

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