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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Born Pretty Holo Polish full collection swatches (requested)

Hello ladies. I know some of you were interested in the holo polish colors. One of the female Dee Nails followers on facebook was confused thinking the colors are very much alike and asked me if I could do a swatch post. Well here it is and it comes with some tips and tricks as well.

The colors are in order in the above picture from 1 to 12 and the mini ones under them are as well in order, but I'll show you bigger versions of the photos as well. I have to mention they don't have names, only numbers.

All swatches show the color after 2 coats of polish over natural nails without any base coat or top coat.

Color 1

This color is my personal favorite. The reason? It can be used as a topcoat! I will show you further in the post a small experiment I made with different colors. It does turn any color holographic. The color is a sheer silver. In one coat its super sheer but turns almost opaque once you layer another coat over. You can see in the following pictures the difference between 1 coat and 2 coats.

Color 1 , 1 coat

Color 1, 2 coats

Color 2
Color 3
Color 4

Color 5

Color 6

Color 7

Color 8

Color 9

Color 10

Color 11

Color 12

The holographic effect is absolutely beautiful, however, I couldn't capture it very good because I took the pictures in artificial light. The full effect is visible under natural sunlight. I Personally love all the colors, but I have color 4, 6 and 8 stacked up, like 4 bottles of each color. I have to do the same for the topcoat. Here's the reason why.

My little experiment involved some basic colors : red, blue, yellow and light green, in 2 coats. Here's how it looked like before.

When they were completely dry, I applied a thin coat of color nr 1 holo polish. The colors stayed very vibrant, the only thing changing was they actually turned holographic. They gave the exact same effect as colors 2-12. Here's the result.

Hope you liked these and if you want to get the polishes, they're normally $12 each, BUT you can always wait for a dicount. BPS has a lot of sales going on all year round and the prices might drop down to even $5 faster than you think. Here's the link where you can purchase them, or add them to your wish list and wait till they get discounted.  >> Holo Polish <<

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