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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cute strawberry full tips review

Hey guys! Today I'll be showing you some adorable pre designed full tips from

You can find them HERE

I got these tips from the christmas giveaway and I'm absolutely in love with them. Right now I'm trying (again) to grow my nails some, so they took a break from acrylics and gels . They only grew for 2-3mm in about 6 months because of a deficency. These tips are letting them breathe some because they're extremely light and in the same time are preventing them from breaking because they don't bend at all.


  • extremely light weight
  • cute design
  • allows you to add details if you want to
  • don't bend
  • design doesnt chip
  • 2 sets in one. 1 set pink, 1 set red
  • 12 sizes (2 for each size)
  • had no trouble finding the perfect size for my extremely small nails, without having to file the sides or the cuticle line
  • affordable
  • shinny
  • depending on your glue they'll stay on for a week or more
  • they can be reused (read more for details)

  • you can't chose the lenght, you can only use them over natural short nails


  • If you want them to stay on for a long time you have to prep your nail. Don't use any cuticle oil or cream on your nails for few hours before applying them. Clean your nails with a little alcohol and lightly buff the surface to take the shine off.
  • Push back the cuticles to avoid lifting of the nails on the cuticle line.
  • I personally didn't use the glue in the box. I use Nailene brush on glue. Don't over do it with the glue. It will get bulky under the tip and eventually fall off.
  • Wait until the tip is completely set and the glue dry before applying the cuticle oil.
  • Avoid air bubbles. If the oil gets under the nail it will peel off in minutes
  • Don't use any kind of top coat on them. They are shinny as they are and I personally don't know if top coat or alcohol will smear the design
  • Don't wear them for more than a week. Allow your nails to breathe some. When you want to take them off simply hold your nails in warm water.

How to reuse them many times?

  • When you take them off you'll probably notice glue on them. Well that's gonna be a problem if you want to glue them back on later on,  because the glue will just build up and eventually the nail won't stick on anymore.
  • Don't start rubbing alcohol over it. If you have an electric file that's the solution. If you don't have one there are super cheap ones at the dollar store, walmart and online and if you like wearing full cover tips, that's gonna be an awsome investment.
This is my old nail file with battery. This is what i use to clean the glue off the nail. I use the metal cone because it's very delicate and will not go through your false nail IF you're gentle. Right now I only use this electric nail file to clean up my tips and to shape my dog's claws.....

This is the drill I'm using right now for my own nails, that is strong enough to file through acrylic.

Here are the links for both files:

Hope you enjoyed and found it useful!

The reviewed product was gifted to me by in a giveaway. All opinions are true and my own. Everything else was bought with my own money.

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