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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Born Lolita tutorial

I HAD to make a design with this new nail polish i got, because I absolutely love the color, so I came up with the lolita design.

You can find the review for the new polish here

Materials used:

  • Born pretty holo polish #2
  • Acrylic paint: black, white, light pink
  • Painting brushes
  • NYC tribeca silver
  • 5mm light pink rhinestones
  • 1.5mm clear rhinestones
  • Hot pink star rhinestones
  • Clear holographic 1mm glitter flakes

I polished all the nails with my new favorite polish that you can get here
  Holo Polish

The next step I did was to paint a semi circular shape on the bottom of every nail using black acrylic paint.

Outline the black shape with a silver polish.

Use top coat before going to the next step in case you make any mistake.

Use light pink acrylic paint to make some dots with a brush or dotting tool. I used a brush because my dotting tools are not big enough.

Paint some smaller dots with white paint.

Using a toothpick, brush, or orange stick make some very small dots in the empty spaces without clustering them.

Paint a layer of topcoat and add a big pink/purple rhinestone on the silver line and 2 small clear rhinestones on each side of it.

For the middle nails I painted different sized white dots on half of the nail.

After adding some topcoat I applied random transparent holographic glitter between the dots. It's not so visible in my picture but it enhances the polish effect.

I added the same rhinestones like on the other nails and some extra star rhinestones between the white dots.

Seal everything in topcoat and apply cuticle oil.

This is a super easy to make design and pretty fast. It also has a great effect.

My step by step pictures are a little messy but i fixed everything on the way for an overall nice result.

If you use my designs and post it anywhere please mention DeeDee Livesay inspired. Id appreciate it.

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