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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kawaii 3D Hearts Design

Materials used:

  • Confetti- Pink Paradise (nr 13)
  • Wet'n'Wild - Megalast- Whipped Topping
  • AB rhinestones 3mm- blue and light pink
  • Caviar beads- silver and pink
  • Baby blue acrylic powder
  • Wet'n'Wild megalast topcoat
  • Wet'n'Wild Shine- Kaleidoscope
You can find these nail polishes at almost any drug store. I got them from CVS.

You can get the decorations I used for a small price here:
micro beads
AB rhinestones
colored acrylic powder

Use code DNLW10 for a 10% discount on everything.

This is fairly easy to make but a little time consuming.

1. Add 2 layers of any pale nude pink polish.
2. Coat with a transparent glitter polish and paint a french.
3. Using the acrylic powder build or mold a heart and add it wherever you want on the pink side of the nail.

4. Add a blue AB rhinestone in the middle of the french line.
5. Start making an outline with silver microbeads on each side of the stone. I used a toothpink for it. Doing this while the topcoat is wet will help you glide the beads around very easy.
6. Add 1 pink rhinestone on both side of the blue one and continue adding beads around all 3 of them until you get something like this:
7. Add some pink micro beads under each side of the heart. Make the beads line curve a little.
8. Coat the hearts only with glitter topcoat so they won't look dull.
9. Seal everything in 2 layers of topcoat and add cuticle oil.

If you use my design and post it or make a better tutorial please use DeeDee Livesay inspired.

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