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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Minnie Mouse inspired

Materials used:
Confetti nail polish- Pink paradise
Confetti nail polish- Heartthrob
Painting brushes
White acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
White half pearls
Oval rhinestones
Silver microbeads

This design is super easy to do if you have good painting brushes. I just got new sable hair ones and they rock. You can find the place to get them on my pinterest board. What i did to mine was cut them in my own way to fit my work style.
I used nude pink and black for the middle nails, for the first step.
I used Confetti nail polish. I just found this at CVS for 1$. Never used it before but i absolutely love it.

I then painted a french in a nude tone.

Using a #0 brush and black acrylic paint,draw a line under the french tip.

I applied a layer of top coat to seal the nail polish in case i made a mistake in the next step.
For the bows I used red acrylic paint and a #00 brush. First I painted the outline for the bow and then filled it in with color. After it completely dried, i used black paint to outline the bows and add some small details.

For the dots you can use a dotting tool but i have better accurancy with a brush. I used a really small brush for it and I painted them in a pattern.

In the last step I applied oval white rhinestones on every nail for a little blig.

The middle nails can be done the same, but i have a small obsession in making them look different always. I dont like my nails looking all the same.

For this I used a glitter polish to paint a thick line in the middle of the nail and while it was still wet I applied white half peals apart from eachother.

Between each half pearl I added silver microbeads.

I sealed everything in top coat and done!

If you use my designs and post it anywhere please mention DeeDee Livesay inspired. Id appreciate it.

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