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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitty nail art and glitter review

Hello everyone!

Today's post is about kitties all the way! Cause who doesn't like kitties? recently released a plate featuring a lot of cats, that I was lucky to receive from Nicole in a small giveaway they organised.

I used the reversed stamping technique to color their bellies white.

On my accent nail I used a new glitter they put out not long ago that is stunning!. This one is extremely fine, but warning, if you have the bad luck to get it all over your hands like I do, it will get everywhere, face, hair, clothes.

But, I just like my stuff sparkle I suppose.

You can find this glitter here in a variety of 12 beautiful metalic colors.

This glitter sparkles even in the worst illuminated areas! It's silver with no additional tones to it. Just pure silver glitter. It comes in a small jar but I'm not quite sure what the quantity is. In any way it comes with a lot of product that will suffice for many uses, great especially with acrylic mixes or mixed with UV gel.

The second option is what I used in this design.  I preferd to mix a little glitter in a drop of UV top coat. I then applied it over a layer of silver shimmery polish and curred for 2min. I then whiped the nail with non acetone remover, stampped the full pattern and sealed.

Polishes for this design are:

The plate I used is plate BP 59 from BPS.

Overall this design can be pretty time consuming if you don't have multiple stampers laying around. They're 8 total kitties on my nails, and 2 full patters stamped in the traditional way. But is definately a catchy nail art  combined with the pink polish and the glitter.

I hoped you enjoyed them as much as I do! And if you want to go ahead and grab some nail art things from the thousands available from BPS, you can use my code below for a 10% discount, with no minimum order and free shipping.