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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anchor&Heart new indie polish swatches!

Hello everyone!

Many of you might know about that amazing giveaway that ms_sparkle_polish hosted on rafflecopter few weeks ago, the one with a ton of sponsors.

Well, I happened to be one of the lucky winners, and I got paired with the very talented maker of Anchor & Heart Laquer.

The indie brand is located in Portland, and it will be released on May 15th!!

Until then I have 2 beautiful prototypes to show you, that hopefully you'll get your hands on soon, A bright pink and a purple that that going to be on my nails a lot this coming summer.

First prototype is a bright pink, very creamy and extremely easy to apply! If all the store brands would learn how to make polishes that actually GLIDE on your nail, the world would be at pace.

I got this effect in 2!! coats. It is fully opaque by the time the second coat is applied.

This adorable polish is full of shimmer, that sparkles almost holographic. I took a macro shot of the polish so you can see how beautiful it is.

Honestly I'm not happy with the way my photos for this polish came out, just because it's artificial light and it does not do it justice, BUT I will have a design coming up soon featuring this polish and........kitties! where I will make sure I give you outdoors experience when it comes about the sparkle of this polish.

The second prototype, it's a beautiful creamy purple that I am absolutely in love with. It has tiny purple and blue flakes and glitter that makes is dance in sunlight. I actually had some trouble taking photos because of how the irridescent glitter reflects. It changes from purple to almost fuqsia depending on how the light hits.

I got this look with 2 coats only. It was extremely easy to apply, no streaks. And here's a macro shot of the polish to see how rich it is.

Both polishes are fast dry and extremely good quality. I personally look forward to more and more creations from Anchor & Heart. I will leave bellow the instagram where you can follow the maker and where you will get all the updates to when the line will be released and how to get them!

Hope you enjoyed it!