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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super sparkly musical nails

Hello everyone!

Even though everyone switched to pastels, greens and flowers, I was still in the mood for icy blue this week, since it's still cold around here, so I came up with this super fun and easy to do musical design.

Star of the week is a new stamping plate from combined with lots and lots of different glitter.

The stamping plate is number BP-47 and you can find it here for $2.99. It features 8 patterns with music notes, Michael Jackson, piano keys and other music related stuff for music lovers.

The details on the images are the best quality like bps already got us used to with all their new stamping plates. I had no trouble picking them up. I used my new Born pretty stamping polishes that I finally received in the mail. I'm still getting used to them and I will have an upcoming review for all the colors soon.

If you are new to stamping plates, this one like every one I got so far come with a blue plastic film over them, that needs to be peeled off before use. I have seen recently someone who couldnt stamp asking for advice who shared a photo of their plate with the film still on, on facebook. Again, peel that off.

I used my XL squishy stamper with this plate, and I found it a little difficult to keep the lines straight by rolling it, so my advice for the music notes is to press them straight down on the nail and not roll them.

Now for my background setting I used the following polishes:

  • NYC - Empire state blue (base color)
  • Milani - gold glitz (accent nail)
  • Broadway Nails- Paradise water
  • Color concept - blue glitter that I found at DG
I used the white and black stamping polishes from the BP stamping polish collection.

I believe this plate to be perfect for beginners because it transfers so easy or for those who want a quick eye catching nail art design.

It's sisters from the collection can be found here.

And of course, I had to have a star from their jewelry collection. Today I'm wearing a new galaxy ring, pattern F, that I got for $2.75. It matches perfectly with the galaxy necklaces they put out a while back and I got my hands on one of them as soon as I saw them.

I hope you enjoyed my design. If you would like to grab any of the featured items, you can use code DALK31 for a side wide 10% discount and free shipping with no minimum order.