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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hearts and checkers

I came out with some new color crazy design because i felt the need for colorful 3d nails again. This one was actually super easy to do. Took me no time compared to the designs i've been doing lately.

Ok here's the materials I used and links on where to get them:

  • Base color: WNW megalast "I need a refresh mint"
  • WNW megalast: "I saw a comet" 
  • Black acrylic paint get it here
  • Nr 0 nail art painting brush get it here
  • Acrylic powder in colors (pink, purple, yellow, neon green) get it here
  • Hearts acrylic mold (or you can do it free hand) get it here
  • AB (jelly) rhinestones get it here
  • Topcoat
When purchasing from born pretty store you can use a 10% site wide discount using the close DNLW10.


  • use a light blue base clolor
  • coat 2-3 times with a dense blue glitter nail polish or sprinkle some shades of blue glitter on the nail
  • topcoat and let it dry
  • make the checkers pattern on each nail
  • topcoat again and let it dry
  • start making the hearts. 2-3 on each nail all different colors and sizes
  • topcoat again and apply the rhinestones randomly between the hearts on each nail
Fast and easy. Enjoy!