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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Design with bows, polka dots and lace stickers

A very cute design I made for stilleto nails. As usual I'm wearing tips. I got new ones and these are so comfortable it feels just like a natural nail. Here's a list with the materials I used and links where to get them if you're interested or looking for something similar. Everything I use is cheap, but quality is amazing.

Polishes: LA colors- color craze nr 22 and 61
Black acrylic paint get it here
000 size brush get it here
White half pearls 1mm get it here
Lace stickers (i got them in born pretty lucky box) get it here
White acrylic powder get it here
Black rhinestones get it here
Top coat


- don't cluster the dots on your nail because it will look chaotic after you set the rhinestones in the center of the bows
- dont use the type of brush I used to make the bows. Mine is just a simple brush, not a brush for acrylic powder. I dont know why I dont own some yet
- press very good on the stickers and make sure you catch no air bubbles or it will lift
- the rest of the stickers can be used if you put them back on the sheet. Make sure you don't touch the sticky part too much
-use 2-3 layers of top coat. this type of design needs to be encapsulated