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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Simple half flower design featuring Born Pretty holo polish nr 8

Ok this is my favorite color out of all of them and i'll probably be using it a lot. I already stacked up on polish bottles from this color so i'll have enough for a while. I didn't step step by step pictures this time, but I have the step by step video here.

for the materials here's the list and links where you can get what i'm using or similar items

on you can use the site-wide 10% off coupon DNLW10.

  • born pretty holo polish:
click here for product

  • purple acrylic paint ( any color works) mine is from art deco, the 6 pack of brights

  • topcoat - mine is from wet'n'wild and can be found at any drugstore. i got mine from dollar general

  • shimmery silver nail polish- mine is NYC i got it from walmart

  • jellry or candy rhinestones, also known as AB rhinestones
click here for product

  • nail art brushes
click here for product