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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little mermaid inspired

Since little mermaid is my favorite disney princess I tried my best to make these ones look decent and as close as I could to the "sea" theme. This is the second time im doing this using only the tips, so it went a little easier.

Materials used:

  • wet n wild megalast "blue visionary"
  • wet n wild megalast "i saw a comet"
  • NYC "big apple red"
  • ceramcoat paint: basic blue and white
  • red and lavander acrylic powder
  • 2mm emerald glitter
  • red glitter powder
  • light blue half pearls
  • a lot of topcoat
  • small nail art painting brushes
First I cut the tips to the size I liked them and coated them with a thin layer of gel so they wont get deformed. I applied red nail polish on the middle ones and sea blue on all the rest. Then I applied a thin layer of topcoat, because in the next step if I made any mistake i could easly fix it with water without smudging the nail polish or make it lose its shine.
When they were completely dry, I started painting the bubbles. I mixed basic blue with white to make it really light. I used a small brush with a very short tip.
I let them dry completely before making the highlights on the bubbles. I used another brush for this, the thinnest one I had and white paint.
Until they were drying I applied a thin layer of glitter polish on the red nails (wnw "i saw a comet").
After it dried I applied a layer of topcoat on the top half of the nail and dipped it in green 2mm glitter. It gave a really nice scales effect. You can also use a brush for the glitter, but i find the dipping way more convenient. Extra glitter can be brushed off with a fluffy brush once the topcoat is dry. The shape doesnt have to be straight.
I added some more topcoat to make the nail sticky and put on half pearls one by one in a semi circular shape  going up..
Next step was to add the sea stars. Since I'm bad at making those free hand I used a mold. Even if they came out with some extra edges it was fixed when I coated them. I used red and lavander acrylic powder.
I added some topcoat on the stars and dipped each star in red or lavander powder glitter. YES I love glitter!!!!
I sealed everything in a lot of topcoat. I don't remember how many layers but I know I had to let them dry for few good hours so i won't leave fingerprints on them or smudge them when trying to put them on.
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