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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Briar rose-Disney themed

I watched 1959 Disney's Sleeping beauty few days ago and I wanted Aurora themed nails soooo bad. I'm a big kid, I still love disney princesses and I think I always will. So i came out with this colorful 3D design, japanese decoden style. Im completely in love with it, BUT i would have loved to be able to actually paint aurora's figure on one or 2 of them. Sadly, im in the painful learning process with cheap paints that im so going to replace soon. These nails were built as tips, which was a first time thing for me. They're reusable if they come off, because they are acetone resistant and the glue on the back can easly be taken off with a Q tip with acetone if it bulids up and I want to reuse them.

Here's the materials I used for them. Time: about 5 hours including the tips building

  • full cover nail tips neutral or white
  • nail polish NYC "tribeca silver"
  • nail polish Wet n Wild Megalast series "tahitian pearl"
  • small painting brush
  • acrylic liquid
  • acrylic powder in baby pink, baby blue and grass green
  • baby pink caviar beads
  • pale pink rhinestones 3mm and 1mm
  • 1mm silver glitter
  • topcoat
  • strong nail glue

I first have to make the tips fit my nails. Without applying them on I used full coverage tips in neutral color. I never did this before so my way doesn't mean it's the right way. I cut them and shaped them to fit my nails and after that i coated them with a thin to medim layer of transparent uv gel. I did this so i can use acetone on them without ruinning the tips. I put them under the uv light for about 4 minutes and after that cleaned them up with acetone based cleanser and buffed the surface. Here's the result before making the design on them.

When they were done i set them on toothpicks with some tape on them so i can have some precision. I polished the ones for the middle fingers with NYC "tribeca silver" and all the rest with Wet n Wild Megalast series "tahitian pearl".

 With a painting brush I made diagonal lines right and then left using my NYC silver color, so i can get something similar to the design underneath. The strokes i used are thicker. I applied a layer of topcoat and let it dry for 10-15 minutes.
After that, I started building the roses with my baby pink acrylic powder , 1 on each nail except the middle finger one. There's a large variety of tutorials on youtube on how to do that. Roses were the first things i learned how to sculpt with acrylic. I added small leaves on every rose using my green powder. Using my 1mm glitter and a toothpick with topcoat on the tip, I added small dots clustered togheter in groups of 2-3 in the areas where the painted lines intersect.
The middle nails are a little time consuming. Using my baby blue acrylic powder i sculpted a big heart on each nail. I coated them with topcoat and with a small brush added some blue powder glitter over it. Also after adding some topcoat around the heart, i started putting on pink caviar beads around it. I used a toothpick with a little topcoat at the end to pick them up. Oh the tip of the nail i applied some 3mm pale pink rhinestones with spaces between them. In the empty spaces I then applied 1mm rhinestones of same color. I also added some 1mm stones under the heart in a semi circular way.

I sealed everything in 2 layers of topcoat. Here's how they looked before being applied over the natural fingernails.

To make them stay still i buffered my natural nails, dehydrated them with 100% acetone and added a thin layer of nail glue on them. I then added a thin layer on the bottom half of the tip and applied it on my nail by pressing on it for about 15 seconds on each nail. The nail glue I like the best is from KISS. Make sure the tips are 100% dry before putting them on to avoid smudging the design because of the topcoat.

And here's the final result after putting them on.

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They were a lot of fun to make. If you ever try my design and post a better tutorial for it, please include "DeeDee Livesay Inspired" somewhere. Thank you