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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Candy crush

Here's a design I came up with after being addicted to that crazy match 3 game on facebook. This thing was so random, but it came out funky and surprisingly not as bulky as I was expecting for using half pearls and other 3D decorations.

Took me about 2 hours to make it from start to end, which is usually nothing for how much a design takes me normally. I'm planning on doing another one with more colors in the near future Here's what nail polishes and tools I used for it:

  • LA colors plain black 
  • NYC "highline green"
  • Wet n Wild megalast "mixing it up"
  • Wet n Wild wildshine "kaleidoscope"
  • Wet n Wild "femmi fatal"
  • LA colors art deco "baby pink"
  • dotting tool
  • random half pearls and flat backs

  1. Apply black nail polish on all the nails except the ring finger nails where you apply a grass green. Make it as bright as possible.
  2. On the green nails apply 1 uniform coat of wet n wild "mixing it up" or any nail polish that has big round or hexagon glitter. For the next step make sure the glitter polish is as wet as possible.
  3. Grab your decorations and add some half pearls on top of the wet polish. Don't use bring colors so you can create a nice contrast with the green. White, pale pink and pale yellow work great. I got this great mix of flatbacks on ebay for 99 cents. You can find the link where I got them from and other cool things in my pinterest board here
  4. Time for the dots on the rest of the nails. With a big dotting tool start adding green dots on your nails without crowding them. I used the same green that I used on my ring finger nail. When it completely dries, use a baby pink to add some other dots. You can intersect them with the green dots , whatever makes you happy. With a small dotting tool add some neon pink dots here and there to fill in some gaps. You don't need many of them, just to add some contrast.
  5. After all dots dry add a thin layer of transparent glitter polish with as many colors in it as you can find. I used wet n wild shine "kaleidoscope"
  6. With the polish still wet, start adding beads on all your nails. Don't cluster them togheter, 3-4 beads on every nail is enough. I used different shapes and different sizes and colors for every bead. Light blues, yellows, pinks and some white did the trick for me
  7. Add 2-3 layers of topcoat at the end to make sure the beads won't fall. If you do it right this design should last 2-3 weeks. But who can help not doing their nails often....
At the end make sure you find use for your cutticle oil

Have fun !

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