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Thursday, March 21, 2013

My dear cuticle oil

Even though i'm taking care of my nails since i was about 10 years old, it took me 10 more years to discover and learn to appreciate this elixir of longevity for nails called cuticle oil. Don't get me wrong, it will not make your nails grow 1 inch every week, but its importance is more than just making your hands look fabulous.

Many people are very complexed by the appearance of their hands. The rough dry skin around nails and on fingers can create a bad impression. Depending on our jobs, having our hands look impecable is very important.

Cuticle oil has a simple composition, usually a mix of different oils and vitamines, each with their unique properties. It comes in tiny bottles or pens available from different brands and usually can be found at any drug store that offers cosmetic supplies. Big brand ones and the ones with a dropper that you find in pharmacies can be a little pricey indeed, a little more than a big brand nail polish. They vary between $5 and $13. You always have to look at the ingridients on the product that you want to purchase and make sure it covers all your needs in matter of nails and hands care.
I personally do not use big brand cuticle oil. I was curious in trying different ones, but I am very satisfied with my little scented pens that I wouldn't trade them for anything. The ones i'm using come in a big variety of scents like rose, lily, cherry, lavander, lemon, orange, etc. They are usually sold as fake O.P.I., which beware , they are not genuine for those of you who are fans of the brand. Mine don't have the fake name on them, they are just cuticle revitalizer. If you'd like to spend some extra for opi thats a great choice too. I get my oils for about $5 a pack of 5, my choices of scent. The scents are not very strong but they make your hands feel amazing. The ingridients in my oils are grapeseed oil, aminio acids, natural keratin, organic calcium, safflower oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin b5, silk procaine, natural panphenol, thymol, methyl glucose ether. It doesn't stain, is of medium thickness and it gets absorbed by the skin pretty fast. Your hands will be oily and shinny for a very short period of time.

There are many reasons why everyone concerned in the appearance and feel of their hands should use cuticle oil. In the long term it will make your nails grow faster and healthier indeed, but there are other on the spot benefits.
1. The skin around your nails and on your fingers will get instantly moisturized. If you have dry white skin all over like i do, it will dissapear instantly when you use it. From rough and white it will turn very soft and get a uniform color like the rest of your skin.
2. Split and painful cuticles will heal very fast and the ingridients in the cuticle oil will give you an instant pain relief for your nails. For that purpose, if the skin under your nail hurts, you can apply it under your nail as well for fast pain relief.
3. Cuticle oil has antibacterial purpose as well. You will avoid or heal cuticle infections that cause pain , swelling and redness around your nails.
4. Cuticle oil isn't just for hands. It works the same and it's recommended to use them for your feet as well!!

If you don't afford cuticle oil, you can always improvise by using an ingridient that should be part of every kitchen: olive oil. Just drop a little on your finger and then slowly massage it on your cuticle and areas that look dry or need extra care. Jojoba oil and avocado oil do the trick as well.

Remember, after applying any mosturizing product on your cuticles, do not wash your hands for at least one hour. Let it do its work first!

Hope this helped a little if you are undecided about using this wonderful product.

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