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Sunday, March 24, 2013

3D Gothic design-Blood Roses

I shouldn't be doing anything to my nails right now, because unfortunatelly i fissured one. It hurt terrible for about 3 days but i cant stand walking around in my bare nails haha. So today, with all the pain and everything i started working on a new design. Its still a little rough but for first time and for no practice on a nail stick i think it came out pretty damn good. I have to mention that i have artificial nails on: tips + gel overlay. I don't recommend using polish on acrylic nails because they will get damaged. Gel nails are very good with nail polish overall after changing the design on them multiple times. Here's the step by step description of how i done it, and it's pretty easy, but time consuming.

What you need:
-base coat
-black nailpolish
-deep red glitter (powder or hexagon)
-medium hard brush (the ones for eyeshadow are fine)
-thick topcoat
-red acrylic powder
-acrylic liquid
-nail glue

First of all prepare your nails for applying the base coat, no matter if you're doing it on artificial or natural nails. Buff them slightly with a buffer block or with a soft file to take off any impurities you could have on the nail.

Chose a nice basecoat and apply one layer on all your nails. I use Diamond hard from KISS

Get your black nail polish and apply it on all nails. Make it as black as you can. If you need, put on 2 layers.

The nail has to be completely dry before going to the next step.

After the black nail polish is completely dry, get your glitter and brush. I used hexagonal glitter for this design. First apply a thin layer of topcoat on the tip of the nail. Put a tiny drop on the brush so you can pick the glitter up, dip the tip of the brush in glitter and start applying it over the wet topcoat. Dont make it too bulcky because it will fall off and try to apply it as uniform as possible. After that apply a little topcoat over the tip and let it sit for about 10 minutes. When the topcoat is almost dry, gently push on it with your finger to set the glitter smooth in place.

 You can then apply a thicker topcoat on the whole nail.

I use Sally Hansen, Hard as nails topcoat.

The fun begins here. This is the most time consuming part, the making of the roses. You can use a mold or the free hand at your choice. For this, i used a mold because i needed 10 roses. If you prefer only few of them you can do it free hand. I wont make a tutorial about how to do it, because I'm learning it online as well, but i have some that might help you. Its really easy

-how to use a mold -from one of my favorite nail artists Raquel:
- how to do a rose free hand-

If you're using a mold pull the roses out of the mold when they are almost dry. Dont let them harden or you wont be able to shape them to your nail's curve. To apply them, simply put a tiny drop of nail glue on the surface of your nail and apply the rose.

 Optionally, if the color of your roses is too dull, brush a little topcoat over them to enhance the color and add a little shine to them.

Don't forget to add cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy after every nail design.

And you're done! :D

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