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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My christmas mani+ holographic foil review

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

 Today I want to show you the manicure I did for Christmas, using a very cute product I received from I never used anything like this before, so I had a little bit of newb trouble at first, but it all came out very cute.

The product featured today is a holographic nail foil that you can find >here<  for $3/07 on regular price, but you can find it on discount right now.

I chose pattern 77 because it looked pretty easy to work with. As I said I had zero experience with holographic foil. The mistake that I did was to let the top coat get tacky and then put the foil on the nail and rip off, then put it in another spot and rip it off and so on, like you do with regular foil. Well, I ended up making a mess and having to redo my nails.

The right way to use this foil is by waiting for the top coat until is close to dry. Works even on dry top coat. You cut a little piece off, enough to cover the nail, and then press it on the nail really good like it was a temporary tattoo. Watch for air bubbles and rub it really well on the nail for few seconds. When you're ready, slowly peel the foil off. And there you have it, a full pattern from the foil.

I had a lot of fun with it,  also used it on my toe nails for a little holographic spark. It so far lasted without a scratch with only 1 layer of top coat. It doesn't lift and it doesn't bubble. I recommend using it over darker colors for the full effect.

The polishes used for this design are:

  • NYC- Empire state blue
  • Pure Ice- Splash
  • Pure Ice- Beware
The stickers I used are also from BPS and you can find them >here< for $4.96. It's a huge set of stickers.

I hope you liked my design and if you want to try out the holographic foil, you can find even more patterns on the site and use my code below for a 10% discount on regular priced items and free shipping.

Happy holidays!