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Friday, October 30, 2015

My Halloween nails

Hello everyone!

Happy halloween! Hope you guys have lots of fun at parties and trick or treat-ing.

With this occasion I'll show you the easy nails I did for myself for Halloween. It works great with the classic witch outfits or anything that involves black costumes with a femminine feel to them.

I didnt go the common halloween way this time and didn't do any pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, etc, that are the classic halloween manicures.

For base coat I used a peel off base coat that I am trying out right now and I'll show you the results in my next post. I used a heavy glitter topper that I know will be hell to take off, so I found it a great time to test that product.

I painted my nails with Broadway nails in "Gunmetal", a beautiful gray jelly filled with different sized glitters in oranges, reds, blues and greens.

For the tips I used some chevron guides from BPS that you can find >here<

The black polish I used for the tips is from Sally Hansen hard as nails.

Seal in top coat and for accent you can use some black bows set in a dot of nail glue so you won't lose them easy. My bows were purchased from ebay long time ago, but I'm sure they still have symilar products.

It was super easy to do, it doesn't really require any skill, since the chevron guides do it all for you. This might not be the central attraction with a costume, but they look very classy even outside halloween wear.

Hope you like them and for the chevron guides you can use my code below for a 10% discount and free shipping.