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Friday, May 16, 2014

How to use full cover water decals

Hi everyone!

I am not able to post very often. But I'm having a lot of fun trying out these cute water decals I was provided with.

You can find them HERE for normally 1.99 but right now they're discounted. There are 24 designs to chose from, all of them gorgeous. I picked out the most colorful one, cause I just love all those candies, and chocolates and roses all mixed togheter.

It is quite easy to use them. Might need 1 or 2 nails to practice, but thankfully they come with 12 pieces instead of 10 so if you mess 2 up there's no big deal. It comes off easy with simple nail polish remover.

Here are some easy steps to put them on:

  • Paint your nails with a light colored polish or preferably white to make the design pop.
  • Cut the size you want to use. You can cut them all and aproximate which will go on what nail.
  • Get a cup with warm water and hold them in for 20-30 seconds.
  • Slide the decal off the paper with your fingers or with tweezers if you find it easier that way. Make sure you don't let it fold.
  • Glide it on the nail. Use the round side of the decal at the base of the nail and adjust it.
  • Gently press on the decal following the curve of the nail. Insist on the sides and on the free edge. Make sure there are no folds or air bubbles, or the decal will lift.
  • Twist the excess at the free edge and gently file it using up and down motions until the excess falls off.
  • Using horizontal strokes will make the design come off so avoid that.
  • Wait till it dries completely before giving finishing touches like filing it to perfection.

I use gel top coat to seal them in. You can use simple top coat, but gel one will make it last way longer. No matter what top coat you use, make sure you insist at the free edge to avoid the lifting.

You can use rhinestones or other 3D decorations to add bling or accents to the nails, after the design was sealed.

As usual, you have the video above for a quick step by step guide.

Have fun!

Thank you for stopping by!


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