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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

L'oreal foundation and Wet n Wild lipstick review

Hello everyone!

Again I'll share with you something not nail art related, because I love make up as well.. Even if I don't make make-up tutorials and stuff, I love trying new products and I'm always looking to expand my make-up collection, that is not nearly as big as my nail polish one.

One of the new products I got to try is True Match super blendable foundation from L'oreal. I found it on discount at CVS for about $3 and I got to see if it's any good.

At first I didn't expect much because it's super liquidy. I thought it won't give any coverage, but I was wrong. It's actually a wonderful product. I don't buy the professional make up, I'm the drugstore type of girl, the more I save the better.

I have dry skin, I don't know how this will work for those with oily type skin. Even though my face is dry, I have a lot of acnee scars, from stress based rosacea acnee that I finally god rid of, and I also have some red splotches on my cheeks that give me a very uneven skin tone. I need a foundation that has a good coverage and not many drugstore brands gave me enough satisfaction.

I chose the C3 creamy natural shade because my skin is very fair. It doesn't keep me ghostly white  but it's not darkening my skin either so it's perfect.

When I put this on i use a little moisturizer and a L'oreal magic lumi primer. That's my favorite primer ever, it's so silky. I migt make a review for it soon. I always use powder over foundation. This one doesn't seem to require it so much because it gives a very matte finish.

I swatched it on the back of my hand where I have a quite dark scar , with a tiny drop of foundation. You need a very small ammount of product on your face because it spreads extremely easy. With a foundation brush it takes no time to spread it all over the area.


As you can see the coverage is excellent considering I didn't use concealer. Usually If i have proeminent scars or scabs on my face I'll always use concealer over it before applying the foundation.

Overall I highly recommend this foundation. The only thing I wish it was different is the opening. I wish it was a little wider so I'd be able to go in with the brush when it gets low. Like this you'll have to shake it very good before use, and turn it upside down on your finger, apply dots on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and then spread it using a foundation brush or your fingers. As I said, it spreads very easy.

The second product I just bought and loved it, is the Wet n Wild magalast lip color 902C called "bare it all". It's a nice nude lipstick with a very soft feel.

 First time I put it on it felt kind of rough and didnt quite glide on my lips. Maybe cause it was new. The second stroke glided on smootly.

 The color in the above swatch is a little darker than it appears on the lips. The color is semi matte and very silky. It doesn't cake on the lips which is surprising for such a cheap lipstick, and surprisingly while wearing it I was asked if I had a lip augmentation which made me giggle. The color didnt need to be reapplied for about 3-4 hours. Here are the places where you can find it

I didn't take a before and after for the lipstick but I took a random picture for instagram wearing it and the foundation presented above, even if it's not the best.

Hope you enjoyed today's reviews! Thank you for stopping by


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