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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween glittery goo nail art

Hello everyone!

Here's a very easy design that I will be wearing for halloween this year, a neon green and black dripping design, with a little touch of glitter.

Here's the polishes and other materials I used to create this design;


  • After base coat paint 2 thin layers of neon green polish.
  • Coat it with a layer of fine glitter polish. For this I used Hallucination from WNW.
  • When completely dry, start painting the drips and fill in the black space, leaving the drips green. I used a fine nail art brush from born pretty store and the black acrylic paint from their kit that are linked above.
  • I sealed everything in high shine top coat from broadway nails. Notice only the green drips will stay shiny.
  • Using the polish brush from the matte top coat from BPS, gently go over the black space to take the shine off.
Easy and effective. Might need a little control of shakyness when going over with the matte top coat. I found that particulary hard when trying with my non dominant hand.

Also don't forget to head over to born pretty store for their crazy anniversary sale where everything is up to 80% off and check out their new plates before they end up sold out.

Thank you for stopping by